5 Reasons Why Going Cloud Is Your Best Bet

Advantages of Cloud over Legacy Software

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing works just like your PC at home or office, but the big difference is that it is powered by the Web. The programs are stored on the Internet and all data is accessed from online servers. It is a platform for working, managing, storing, and processing all your business needs without servers and hard drive storage thereby eliminating the need for capital expenditure on servers and saves you valuable space.

Why are people moving to the cloud?

Scalability / Elasticity – Expand as You Grow

Cloud Computing offers organizations the chance to scale their computing resources to their requirement. This is one of the most attractive prospects in cloud computing, and organizations can either increase or decrease the resources depending on workload. And the best part is you don’t pay for resources that you don’t use.


Automated Software Updates

While working on the cloud, your employees can give their undivided attention to their task. The onus lies on your cloud partner to run updates and have the software up-to-date. The core IT team can stay focused and attend to other business exigencies.

Collaborate for Effective Results

Collaboration helps teams work in a productive and efficient manner. This is a unique feature when you work on the cloud. Not only do teams exhibit higher participation levels, working real time on a doc/slide/sheet, but it also helps reduce the versioning of the document. Collaboration has proven to be a great forum for brainstorming, as well as a successful tool in completing jobs to meet deadlines!

High Security

Valuable data that is stored offline in laptops, hard drives and USB sticks are prone to theft, natural disasters and corrupt files. Companies have lost billions owing to loss of data caused by viruses, spyware and malware, creating a great security concern for businesses. Storing information on the cloud, provides you with a secure and reliable environment that doesn’t require constant anti-virus and malware updates for your data to be secure. Cloud software protects data from any kind of suspicious malware and threats and the chances of you losing your data is not possible, as the cloud creates a backup as well.

Control Over Confidential Data

When a large group of people work on the same document that contains sensitive information, it raises concerns over security and privacy. An organization is responsible for confidential client data which the Google Cloud Platform delivers by giving you complete control over the content. With restricted access, you can choose to allow a person to only view or view and comment on a document. The entire team works on the same file that allows them to suggest ideas, make changes and avoid the confusion associated with version numbers.

Different Cloud-based Solutions based on Need

There are three types – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Each type will give you different levels of control, and different features and services for saving and managing data. You can select the type that helps you strike the right balance, and meets the requirements of your organization from the different models.

Thus, cloud computing will bring about a phenomenal change to the way your business functions and is truly indispensable.

Now, don’t you think it’s high time you adopted cloud technology?