6 Reasons Why G Suite for Work Is the Best!

G Suite for New Age Employees

Is the corporate world ready for digital natives?

With the advent of digital natives joining the workforce – fresh out of college with almost no work experience, but being a lot more tech-savvy than digital immigrants – how they will fit into the corporate world scenario is a million dollar question!

Who are digital natives and immigrants?

Digital natives are the current generation of people who have grown up along with the rise in technology and embraced its widespread reach, while digital immigrants are those who learned about technology and adopted it had already been implemented and had become too popular to ignore –  such as social media networks, for example.

The New Agers are so used to technology that they cannot not have it in the workplace! As most organizations still use outdated tools and methodologies in their operations and service delivery, this could create a mismatch in expectations.

6 Reasons why G Suite is the best suited solution to new age employees:

G Suite, Google’s own brand of cloud computing, offers a wide range of applications for improving collaboration and increasing productivity. Since these tools are similar to the applications used in day-to-day life – Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar, to name a few – they can be used by almost anyone with no training! Isn’t that awesome? An organization can help its employees easily adapt and efficiently perform their tasks.

Let us check out the Google applications used at workplaces:

  • Corporate mail: Unlike Microsoft Outlook, this is similar to personal Gmail, having the same look, functions and navigation, giving users a sense of familiarity.
  • Calendar: Users who frequently enter reminders on their phone calendar will not face any difficulty in organizing a meeting invite or checking their calendar schedules.
  • Drive: Just like storing important documents, pictures and videos on personal drive, users can make use of Google Drive for saving work-related files.
  • Hangouts: Hangouts is similar to WhatsApp; it can be used to chat, share pictures and make video calls.
  • Google+: This is G Suite’s social page which is similar to Facebook – it has a profile picture, shows connections and has provisions for sharing thoughts and creating polls.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device):

Besides office devices like the laptop, G Suite can also be integrated into a user’s personal device with policies defined by the administrator.

For any organization, using G Suite will not only make you technologically advanced but also make New Age users look forward to working for you with excitement!

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