Benefits of A Cloud-Based Leave Management System

Advantages of A Leave Management System

Leave Management is an important aspect in any organization and yet is more often than not overlooked. Many companies still follow the manual process of submitting forms and request letters to be granted leave. For small companies, it may seem alright but as your company grows, to manually keep track of leave balance and accumulation of your entire workforce is going to be a daunting task. That’s where a LMS comes handy, but what’s even better is a cloud based LMS. It takes the responsibility off the hands of the HR department and simplifies the leave process.

The biggest advantage of an online LMS is that it saves your storage place. No paperwork. It also lets you apply for leave from anywhere as there is no need to install any software and check for updates on any browser.

Using a centralized cloud-based LMS allows your employees to login to their own dashboard and see for themselves the company holiday list and gives them an overview of their leave. It also allows for a person to apply for leave when he wants, irrespective of where his manager who has to approve his leave is. This saves the HR department a whole load of time and also make things easier.

It allows for easy generation of reports of your employees’ complete history of leave balances and other details. It will show all the eligible leave already taken by your employee and also the history of leave that have been applied for, approved or rejected and those that are still pending action.

Some LMS’s such as Chutti are a big blessing to companies who have the huge task of keeping track of travel reimbursement. Many sales companies have various policies for how payment is made, based on the places visited, the distance travelled and travel allowance. By using a cloud-based LMS that can keep track of location, it automatically calculates the distance travelled and the number of days at location and accordingly processes compensation. This clears any confusion and doubts with regard to how reimbursements are managed.

The advantages of having an online LMS is easy integration with most biometric devices and can automatically record employee shift details in real-time. It can also create shifts for various users and make the manager’s job that much easier.

Intrigued at how much an online LMS simplifies things at work? Tired of seeing the stack of paperwork that sits on your desk throughout the year? Time to change. Call us to know more.