Cloud Security Threats: Staying Protected Through the Storm

Cloud computing is a multi-billion dollar industry with giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon and so many others competing aggressively in the space. This drastic growth can be attributed to the ease with which the technology had been adopted around the world for business operations. But this growth has been accompanied by growing security threats which could result in data theft, corruption or loss from a cloud network.

There are several factors which can contribute to the security breach of a cloud network. However, one of the biggest contributor is the unmoderated access management of all your users.

Unmoderated Access Management

If your cloud network houses several applications which are used by several users for day to day operations, chances are, the access to your network is unchecked or minimally guarded. It could also significantly drain the productivity of your IT team which has to manually grant access to individuals. And the users of your network will be required to remember several sets of credentials for the various applications.

Users tend to set the easiest passwords to remember, especially when they have to remember so many! But simple passwords also make for easily hackable ones. An Identity and Access Management solution ensures that a user has to remember only a single set of credentials to access the applications in a network, and a strict password policy makes certain that all the credentials used to access your system are compliant with a certain standard.

Critical Cloud Security Threats

A security threat can stem from unintentional and seemingly harmless activities like browsing a website without an SSL certificate or accessing a cloud network from an already compromised device.

A couple of the common cloud security concerns for companies are:

Data Breaches

Malware can directly attack your cloud network to access and corrupt the data it holds. These attacks can come from any black hat hacker. To protect your network and stay immune to such attacks, the protocols and systems used to protect your network need to change with the times and adopt innovative methods to keep attackers at bay.

Insider Attacks

This is possibly the most potent type of attack, due to the large surface area of your network being directly exposed to an insider who is authorised to access it. While most of the insider breaches stem from the harmless access of your network from non-whitelisted IP addresses and devices, it always helps to be wary of potential malicious attacks which are carried out just for the sake of compromising your cloud network.

Cloud Security Management Solutions

Although a rudimentary set of regulations and policies are followed by most of the major cloud service providers for cloud security, there are several gray areas which raise more questions than they answer.Ensuring the safety of the data and applications in your cloud network is crucial for the operational success of your business. A well-protected organization seems more reliable in the public eye and keeps its public reputation intact.

At CloudNow, we offer cloud security solutions which can patch any loopholes in your cloud security. We understand that security breaches can happen from inside the network and fortify your network against insider attacks as well. With features like Single Sign-on (SSO) for Identity and Access Management, Password Policy Enforcement, for setting a minimum standard requirement for setting passwords, and IP and device based restrictions, we take care of protecting your network against security threats. We give you the control to customize a cloud security solution with the help of our round-the-clock support services. An effective cloud security solution can go a long way in effectively tackling threats and attacks and keep your organization’s data (and reputation) intact.