Do I Need a G Suite Partner to Move to Google?

How does a G Suite Partner help you in moving to Google?

Once the decision to move to Google Apps for Business has been made, the next step is on the migration process. The typical questions that would run through your mind could be:

a)   What about all my current emails? Will I lose my data?

b)   During the switch, how will I receive emails?

c)   Is it easy to do it myself? Or should I use a GSuite partner?

The answer to the first two questions is that you will not lose any of your data since there are migration tools to migrate your existing emails into your new mailbox with G Suite. Also, during the switch, there will be no downtime for your emails and you will definitely keep receiving emails. Since this should dispel any last-minute fear that you may have had to make the switch, the last question that remains is should I do it myself?

Of course, you could do it yourself but you should remember that in order to ensure that there is a seamless transfer of your existing data and to ensure no down-time on your mailbox, it requires a fair amount of technical knowledge. We would recommend that you don’t try to make the switch yourself unless you have a fair bit of technical competence. Going with a G Suite partner will ensure that you are completely setup and you also get the initial help required to be at ease with your new Google Mailbox and other Google Apps. So, we would recommend that you sit back and relax while the experts configure your company’s G Suite.

Advantages of using a G Suite Partner

The advantages of using a G Suite Partner are:

a)  The G Suite Partner will ensure that your company’s accounts are setup for you. This could be a time-consuming process if you have a large number of employees in your organization.

b) The Partner will make sure that your migration does not involve any data loss and will be responsible for migrating all your old emails and data as well.

c)  Working with a G Suite Partner can also ensure that you don’t have any downtime in your mailbox. Remember even ten minutes of downtime for your mailbox could mean lost revenue for your organization in terms of client emails, purchase orders and other important communication.

d) The partner will provide your organization with the required technical support through the initial days of the migration which saves a lot of valuable time for your employees.

e)  If required, partners can also provide you with training for your employees on the different features of G Suite.

f)   Apart from setting up mailboxes, there are a lot of other features and applications on the G Suite platform like Security Management, Mobile Device Management, Cloud Storage, Google Docs etc. The Partner will ensure that you are able to fully utilize the platform and will be able to support your teams as they begin using the different applications on the platform.

g)  Another big advantage of using G Suite Partners is that you have multiple payment options like NEFT, RTGS, Wire Transfers, Cheque payments, Demand Draft Payments or even Cash. Signing up on Google yourself will only allow you to make payments via Credit Card so whatever your company policy for vendor payments are – a G Suite Partner should be able to accommodate the same.

h) You can negotiate better pricing for your company if you have a larger number of users.

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