Docker vs Kubernetes: The DevOps Dilemma

A question that often arises in the minds of the people who are new to DevOps is “What is the difference between Kubernetes and Docker?”.

However, this is actually an incorrect comparison to make, since Docker and Kubernetes serve completely different purposes. What people actually intend to compare to Kubernetes is Docker Swarm, and not Docker.

While Docker is a Container Solution which abstracts an application away from any of the environments in which it will run, both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are Container Orchestration solutions.

Container Orchestration is the automation process that takes care of coordination and management of containers. It takes care of deployment, scaling and other aspects of container-based apps.

Some of the issues to which both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm offer solutions include:

  • Establishing communication between Docker Instances
  • Scaling up and down Docker containers based on application load
  • Managing large numbers of containers to ensure high availability, traffic load balancing, and so on

Kubernetes and Docker Swarm have their own advantages and disadvantages – here is a head to head comparison of the two solutions.

We hope this helps bring some clarity to this common area of doubt. For more information on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or anything else related to DevOps, get in touch with us today!