How G Suite Has Improved Productivity beyond the Workplace

G Suite Collaboration

With the speed of advancement in technology, a popular trend among organizations is the flexibility to not just work at any time, but also from anywhere and on any device.

This means that you cannot only send a mail but also edit files on the go, wherever you are. This is made possible with G Suite tools from Google. Thinking about having to run around with your laptop, and worrying about connectivity?

Well, G Suite can be accessed on an Android or iPhone too! Beyond Gmail, smartphones have all the tools for most work-related activities. In the current digital age, unless someone hides in a cave, they are well connected to the rest of the world through their phones – making smartphones apt devices for work too!

With G Suite for work, an organization’s administrator can create a work profile on a user’s Android phone or iPhone. This feature is user-friendly as well as beneficial to the organization as everyone can effectively collaborate with anyone, irrespective of location, just by creating a ‘work profile’ on a cell phone.

The administrator can configure a work profile with a phone’s default G Suite tools. With a device policy in place, the administrator can remotely track the user’s activity through the work profile, even outside the office premises.

Whenever a user opens a work-related file on their phone, they will be notified about using their work profile. They can download the document, but use it only on the applications within the work profile, thereby protecting the confidential data of an organization.

If a user’s device is stolen or if a user resigns from an organization, the administrator has the means to remotely wipe all the work-related files on that user’s device, thus protecting the company’s confidential data.

That’s really cool, isn’t it?

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