Google Calendar

Features & Advantages

To be successful in life, you need to be organized. Scheduling and planning is absolutely necessary and what better way to do it, than with Google Calendar.

Create an Appointment from Calendar: Imagine having a virtual page that you could pin somewhere, and let all the people that you have to meet in a day know exactly when you will be available for a meeting or a call? Awesome, don’t you think? That’s exactly what you can do with Google Calendar. You can allot time slots and send people invites to your Appointment page and let them choose a time that is convenient for both of you from the slots allocated. Thus, scheduling events at your workplace becomes simple as you can check your colleagues availability and view all their calendars in a single view.

Mobility Device Access: Calendar is accessible across most mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. By just signing into your Google account on any device, Calendar automatically syncs all your information eliminating the need for multiple apps for managing your schedule. You can use the Google app for the same or sync it with your phone’s in-built calendar.

Sharing Calendars: You can share your calendar and more importantly, control who sees your calendar and what they see. You can grant specific people access and allow them to edit it. The privacy settings are entirely upto you to do as you wish.

Location and Notifications: Calendar’s integration with Google Maps helps to place locations for any event and calculate the time taken to travel to the actual location, thereby, notifying you with sufficient time to reach your destination. For example, say you have a meeting with a client at 11 am in his office. Calendar will automatically identify the time taken to reach the location of the meeting and alert you. You can plan and accordingly start that much earlier to reach on time.

What makes it different?

SMS Notifications: Unlike all other Calendar Apps that you find in the App store and market, Google Calendar gives you SMS notifications completely free of cost, even if you are offline. This is particularly convenient as it means you are aren’t completely dependant on connectivity.

Adding Attachments for a Meeting: At times, there are documents that need to be discussed by the members of the group during a meeting. In this case, the attachment can be shared while fixing the meeting so all the attendees will have the required material beforehand, giving them a chance to come prepared for the meeting. Also, if you have forgotten your pendrive, you won’t have to fret as a copy is available on the cloud, via Google Calendar.

Easy Video Calls: Setting video calls among members in a meeting is easy with the ‘Join Meeting’ button within each Calendar event. This removes the necessity for the existing practices of exchanging Skype ID’s and moving to another application for a video conference.

Thus, by using Google Calendar, you will have in the palm of your hand, an incredibly powerful organizing tool, thereby eliminating the need of ever having to excuse yourself for being late anywhere, ever again.