Google Controls My Data?

What Really Happens to Your Data When You Subscribe to Google Services?

With the digital age, everyone assumes that all data is transparent and hence, we are being compromised on our privacy and confidentiality. But when you are working with the cloud pioneer Google, where they maintain unparalleled security standards, that isn’t the case. Once you take a look at Google’s privacy policy and understand where they draw the line as far as data sharing is concerned, you will realize that Google is the right way to go!

Does Google control my data?

The answer would be ‘NO’. To substantiate this, Google has made it easier to handle your Privacy and Security Settings. Google is known for its reliability and transparency in all they do. On the dashboard, the ‘My Account’ option allows you to see what information Google is collecting whenever you use, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, Hangouts, YouTube and other Google services. You can control what you want to share and what you don’t. It’s entirely up to you, not Google.

What kind of data does Google collect?

Essential personal information – It is imperative that Google collates personal information for the purpose of identification. Since, there are millions of users across the globe, personal data such as your name, birthday, gender, location and phone number will be recorded on Google servers.

Internet usage – Google Chrome is a fast web browser with a simple, clean interface. To enhance your internet experience, the Google servers record recently visited sites and topics, with the sole objective of customizing your browsing.

Where is, my data saved?

Drive – Google believes that if your data is not secure, then it is not private. Hence, they invest in highly advanced security infrastructure. All data that is saved on the Drive passes through multiple layers of security using encryption technology like HTTPS and Transport Layer Security, while data is in transit. Third parties are not privy to any of your personal information and threat detention helps protect your privacy.

How is my data protected?

To ensure that their high security standards are maintained at all times, Google keeps track of your IP address, devices used and location. If someone tries to hack into or access your account from an unidentified device, you will be warned with an email and a two-step verification will be initiated. While data is in transit, encryption keeps it private and then cloud infrastructure protects the data 24/7.

Whatever data Google collects, it does only to benefit you and in effect, prevent any violation in usage of the same. Google does not sell your data to anyone. It customizes your browsing experience by showing relevant content and protects any data that you have stored. Google works for you exactly the way you set it. Go Google!