Google Drive

The Best Cloud Storage Solution

Imagine being able to share and collaborate on files with colleagues instead of emailing multiple versions back and forth. What if you could start working on a document at a computer in office and continue editing the same on your phone on the way to a client meeting?  With Google Drive for Work, these scenarios become a reality. Read on, to understand how, all this is possible:

Accessibility and Availability – Since Drive is a true cloud native application, stored files are accessible from any computer or mobile device. Files can be viewed and edited through any browser, on any operating system. There are apps for mobile phones on Android and iOS to ensure that users have access to all files on the road. Users can access their files even if they are using a friend’s phone or a public computer. Therefore, owing to constant accessibility and continuous backup, you can access your files on the move and be sure of working on the most recent version of any file.

Office Files and Native Documents – All Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be viewed and edited from within Drive without installing Office. Secondly, any file in Google’s own format does not take up space in Drive. This means users can store unlimited Docs, Sheets and Slide documents without worrying about storage limits. Other different file types can also be previewed, even if you don’t have the software required for that file on your device. For example, you can preview a Photoshop file, even if you don’t have the software for it installed on your system.

Work Collaboratively – Drive offers three sharing access levels for files – view only, comment and edit. For example, a user can share a file with his/her colleagues who can edit the file and make any changes, while the boss is able to add comments without changing anything in the document. The same file can then be shared with the client with permission to view the document only. This saves the time needed to email copies to multiple groups and try to keep track of which file has the latest changes.

Search – Finding any file is quick and easy as you get the world’s best search engine working for you. You can search for any of your files on the web, on your mobile app or Android device. The advanced search options allow you to find your files by file type, ownership, or even with just the words you know the file contains.

Security and Backup – Google Drive for Work offers exceptional enterprise-grade security and data controls for work files. It ensures that documents are not emailed by mistake to the wrong people. Restricting access to sensitive documents for employees can also be set. Another advantage of the Drive, is that it removes the need to save documents. All files are saved to the cloud automatically and in real-time so, any user working on a file can be rest assured that it is the latest version.

In short, Google Drive gives you all the benefits of cloud computing, making it easy for employees to work more productively and brings the mundane task of file storage down to zero.