Google For Work Products

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Google’s suite of products and services like Gmail, Drive and Calendar are familiar to most consumers. But to use them within the enterprise, organizations need additional tools to manage the applications. This is because businesses require more comprehensive control over security and data management than is necessary for the average consumer.

What Is Google for Work?

Google for Work is a web based software product for enterprise users. It enables collaboration within teams and Google has added some features that are necessary for business users:

  1. Google Apps for Work allows organizations to use their own custom domain for email, site hosting and other functions. This means instead of, businesses can use
  2. Through the Admin console, the organization has the ability to change settings globally or on user/group basis.
  3. Purchasing Google Apps for Work provides extra storage as well as customer and tech support.

The Google Applications

The suite consists of 10 main applications/services, roughly divided into four categories:

  1. Communicate – Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar
  2. Storage – Drive
  3. Create – Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites
  4. Manage – Admin and Vault

In addition, there are several smaller apps such as Forms, Google Plus, AdWords etc. Most of these individual products will be familiar to office workers and the enterprise version doesn’t differ much in terms of features and ease-of-use. All products are available on desktops through cross-platform browser apps along with Android and iOS devices.

But the real difference comes when you look at Admin and Vault. The Admin console has options for creating users and groups, generating reports and managing mobile devices, security settings and billing information. Device management allows the organization to set options such as enabling Wi-Fi or disabling the camera, enabling automatic Google sync on user devices as well as the ability to remotely wipe devices if they are lost/stolen.

The Vault allows organizations to search and archive email, chat records as well as other data that may be required for complying with legislation. Data can be set to be deleted after a certain date, be audited and even exported for further analysis.

The Admin and Vault services offer enterprise focused features without which organizations will be unable to fully utilize Google applications. A business can simply sign up for the service and use the different products without having to purchase their own
servers or hire IT professionals to maintain them. It frees employees from having to worry about technology and allows them to focus on more important business needs.