Google Forms

Features & Advantages

Google Forms is a lesser known tool available through Google Drive and can be very useful when it comes to running polls or surveys and gathering data from your employees. Just like the other applications in the Google Apps Suite, it is accessible from the browser without installing anything.

What does Google Forms do?

Google Forms allows any enterprise to run formal or informal surveys amongst its employees, customers and even anonymous users. Responses to the polls are collected in Google Sheets, making it easier to analyze and create charts from user data. The resulting Sheets document can be collaboratively edited by an individual or team.

As you can see, Google Forms can be quite handy. The HR department can use it to run surveys for collecting data. Sales and marketing can circulate polls that can be answered by customers or clients to measure user satisfaction. The IT department can gather information regarding the needs of employees, for types of new software to purchase etc. In fact, any project team or department that needs to quickly gather data from a number of people can use this tool.

Benefits of Google Forms

  • Logic branching – Unlike other basic web-based software, Google Forms allows you to set up surveys that give different questions based on the response of the previous one. For example, suppose the HR department wants to get feedback about a new maternity/paternity leave policy. The first question can identify whether the respondent is male or female and accordingly ask maternity or paternity related questions next. This makes it easy for users to fill out the form without having to answer questions that are not applicable to them.
  • Email notifications – This is a very handy feature available in Forms. The settings can be changed to be immediately notified after every response or provide a daily email for batches. If you are running a survey for a small team say 10 to 15 people, you can quickly find out if all of them have answered within a particular time frame or if you have sufficient responses for your purpose.
  • Works everywhere – Google Forms not only runs within the web browser, without requiring any plug-in like Java or Flash but it is also mobile friendly. Users can fill out the information whether they are on a laptop or mobile phone. This advantage allows you to collect responses from people attending a conference or any similar situation, when not everyone has access to a computer.
  • Analyzing Data – All the responses are automatically collected in a Google Sheet and can also be exported to Excel if further analysis is required. You can notice patterns immediately in your form responses and get automatic summaries. Also, Google Forms keeps a copy of all your form data, so, in case something gets deleted in the spreadsheet, you needn’t worry.

Google Forms, unlike most other online survey sites, offers all its features to the user completely free. Why pay for something, when you can collect unlimited data for free through your email.