Google Keep

Features & Advantages

Compared to other Google apps, Keep often appears simplistic – it’s just an app to take notes, right? Actually, Keep can do so much more than that and over the last two years, Google has added many bells and whistles that weren’t there previously.

What can Keep do?

At its core, the app helps users track notes, share lists and keep short memos for backup or archival purposes. Labels and colors can be combined to create a comprehensive system – for instance, you can create labels for different projects and color-code them according to priority/importance. Any note can be converted into a checklist and you can also add images.

Advantages of using Google Keep

  • Quick and easy – Taking a note with Keep won’t take you long. You can simply open the app, jot down something and close it in seconds – everything is automatically backed up and saved on Google’s servers. The app is protected by the same security features as your Google account. The labels, colors and titles are for helping you to sort and organize your notes and is an added advantage not a necessity.  
  • Collaborate with others – Keep allows you to collaborate with others on an individual level. So, you can share a particular note with a colleague and another with your boss, even as the rest of your notes stay private. Best of all, there is no need for them to login or create a separate account. The app can be accessed on mobile devices or from any Internet browser.
  • Take voice notes – Users can make voice notes by simply speaking into the microphone. These notes are synced across all the devices you use and Keep will even transcribe the voice memo into editable text! Users with Android devices can simply say the command ‘okay Google, note to self’ and make a note. Google also retains the original voice message as well in case you want to play it back.
  • Extract words from images – Even in today’s paperless age, people still exchange business cards and keep important data on paper. Keep allows users to take photos and import them into notes. The app can even extract text and make it searchable so you can find the contact information of that important client again.
  • Set reminders – Keep ties into the reminder system that works across all of Google’s products. So, you can set individual reminders – based on both time and location – which will then show up on your mobile device, within Google Now and even your email to ensure that you don’t forget about it. This way, you will always remember to get that important document from the client’s office always!

Thus, Google Keep is extremely useful for those who have already been integrated into the Google ecosystem and are comfortable using Google Drive and also for those who want an app that is handy to take notes and simple to use.