Google Sheets

Key Features of Google Sheet

I love using Google Sheets. Find out why!

Because it’s easy to use and collaborate with people in real time, Google Sheets makes for increased workplace productivity. Not just that, owing to its intuitive interface, I can get a hang of Google Sheets quickly and get started on it right away.

So I’m going to highlight some key features of Google Sheets that will help you save time and do some awesome thingsall using the power of Google Sheets.

Explore In Google SheetWith the Explore panel in Google Sheets, you can now spend less time trying to identify your data, and more time making a point. Explore also creates charts and insights automatically, so you can visualize trends and understand your data in no time. It’s almost as good as having an expert analyst right by your side.

Data Validation – When you apply data validation to your sheet, you can ensure that certain cells only contain selected data. For example, you can set validation so that particular cells only contain numbers or even a value from a predefined list. Setting a predefined list of values will also make a drop-down selector available within the sheet.

Cell ProtectionIf more than one person is working on a sheet, then you might want to lock down some of the data to prevent mistakes. You can lock sheets and even individual cells so that data isn’t accidentally changed. If you don’t want to completely lock down cells, you also have the option to show a warning before they’re edited.

Protected Range and SheetsGoogle Sheets also allow document owners to protect entire sheets in a workbook. This takes protected ranges one step further, by giving an owner the ability to grant or deny edit permissions to other users on a sheet-by-sheet and user-by-user basis.

Real Time Collaboration – Google Sheets is fully collaborative in that it allows documents to be viewed by multiple collaborators, all at once from different devices. Collaborators will also be able to chat within the sheet, view and add comments; and depending on their individual permission level, edit content within the sheet.

So aren’t these features easy to adapt to and use ? Yes, absolutely!

Go make Google Sheets your own !