Here’s How iPaaS Enables Efficient Cloud Master Data Management

Two of the most important changes that a company has to incorporate for scalability are the migration of its data and applications to the cloud and the streamlining of all its business-critical data through MDM. Irrespective of the size of your organization, all the data pertaining to your business could be scattered across several platforms in various formats. It is often challenging for companies to encapsulate the relevant data in a centralized repository for easy access and management.

This is where an iPaaS solution comes in. An iPaaS, or an Integration Platform as a Service, allows your Master Data Management solution (MDM) or ERP solution to consolidate all the data in your systems. These customizable data management solutions are a sophisticated yet simple alternative to the traditional methods of performing ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) operations. Simply put, an iPaaS connects applications and data residing in both legacy systems and the cloud, without needing you to invest into any complex hardware or middleware.

Long Term Integration Strategy

Despite the nascent stage that iPaaS is in, it allows for the seamless integration of the data sets from all your touch points, ensuring that none of your applications are bogged down by data extraction latency. Most iPaaS solutions are built with a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable long term integrations which will be compatible with any change in your system architecture.

A Powerful Alternative To Traditional Data Migration Solutions

Until just a few years ago, data and application migration had be be done by data scientists, who had to perform careful manual audits. Data sets would then be cleared for transfer. But integrations solutions have caught up with the need to automate large scale migrations. We understand that your enterprise’s data pipeline is a voluminous cache of business intelligence, and have engineered a data integration and cloud migration solution that can bring it all together in a single umbrella, all in a cost effective way.

The Data Prime Solution

Data Prime can be an efficient and integral part of your Master Data Management strategies and give you a trusted view of all your data irrespective of the computing environment they are deployed or collected in. Its powerful features along with expandable capabilities support the integration flows between legacy systems and your cloud network. Data Prime’s framework does the heavy lifting on the tech front and allows exceptions to be handled by business analysts in real time, without interrupting the process flow of the integration.

Data Prime allows for economical data warehousing while providing you with real time insights about the vast amounts of data stored in your databases. In addition to that, the customizability of the software enables you to integrate with most analytics and BI tools through APIs.

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