How an Online Leave Management System Can Help Your Organization

Advantages and Features

No organization small or large can ignore an important aspect of managing human resources: leave and attendance management. This aspect is vital because it is essential to know when an employee is available or not.

Conventionally, employees in organizations email the managers and the HR when applying for leave. This process is not only cumbersome but also hard to track. The managers themselves may plan a project including an employee who could be unavailable at that time.

This system is also tedious for the HR department, as missing out on an employee’s leave approval or not correcting an employee’s attendance could affect their payroll a tiresome procedure to correct in the next pay cycle.

When everything from billing to tax calculation is online these days, why leave out leave calculations and attendance tracking?

Having an online attendance management system will make the process not only easier but also more efficient.

  • Leave Management: With an online tool, you can bid goodbye to constant mailing and collating leave records. The online leave management system will not only automatically calculate leave balance sick leave (SL), casual leave (CL) and earned leave (EL) based on company policies, but also show the unavailability of employees on managers’ calendars, which could be very useful for planning projects and holding meetings.
  • Attendance Management: With an online attendance management system, the biometric data can be synced in such a way that it automatically deducts from the leave balance of employees on their absence. This would make the payroll processing easier for the HR department.

Porting the system online would not only increase productivity, but also create better work experience.Thus, an online leave management system would digitize the workflow and transform a cumbersome task into a more efficient process, eliminating hidden waste.