IoT and Cloud Computing – The Future is here

Internet of things, or IoT, is a technologically advanced concept where sensor data from a range of devices and platforms are integrated into an intuitive platform to improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users. IoT is estimated to generate more than 500 zettabytes of data per year by 2019 and the growth is expected to be exponential from that point onwards. This can largely be attributed to the increase in the use of wearable tech and inventions like Google Home, Amazon Echo and self driving cars which capture data from several entry points.

IoT allows developers to perform big data analysis on the generated data and identify user trends and behaviors. This can help corporations tweak their services, products and business strategies to ensure that their customers get the best value for their money.

Just as IoT is an exciting innovation, its integration with cloud computing has accelerated its growth. In fact, by itself, IoT is just an integration platform which collects data. Combine that with cloud technology, and you now have a huge storage space for the data from where you can perform impactful data analysis and create applications which can make a difference to your users. In other words, the cloud allows IoT applications to store, process and access large volumes of data.

SaaS to bridge IoT and the Cloud

Cloud service providers allow you to use the data stored in the cloud to develop applications and more. Cloud and SaaS service providers allow you to follow a pay-as-you-go engagement model which means that your cost will increase in line with your usage.

The challenge with integrating IoT services with the cloud is arriving at a system architecture that the two are both compatible with. However, once this is done, in the application layer of the integrated architecture, you or your users can use a SaaS application which can be accessed from the cloud using any device. In the client-service schema, the SaaS application acts as the application service provider or the client.

Cloud Services and Solutions for IoT

CloudNow Technologies’ SaaS services allow you leverage the best of cloud technology and integrate it with your IoT applications to provide your users with a highly intuitive environment. What’s more, our software products like Akku help to increase the security of the cloud end of your IoT-Cloud operations and allow for the seamless integration of the two.