Migrating to Google Drive

Features & Advantages

Imagine how much easier work would be if you could share and collaborate on files with colleagues instead of emailing multiple versions back and forth? What if you could start working on a document on your office computer and continue editing it on your phone on the way to a client meeting? With Google Drive for Work, these scenarios become a reality. Some of the advantages of Google Drive are:

Office Files and Native Documents – Office files – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – can all be viewed and edited from within Drive. There is no need to install another application just so you can view the Word document sent by a client. Secondly, any file in Google’s own format does not take up space in Drive. This means  users can store unlimited Docs, Sheets and Slides documents without worrying about storage limits.

Collaborate with Anyone – Drive offers three levels of sharing permissions for individual files – view, comment and edit. A user can share a file with colleagues who can edit the file to make any changes while the boss is able to add comments without changing the document. The same file can then be shared with a client with view only permissions. There is no need to email copies to multiple groups and try to keep track of which file has the latest changes.

Accessibility and Availability – Since Drive is a true cloud native application, stored files are accessible from any computer or mobile device. Files can be viewed and edited through any browser on any operating system. Dedicated apps on Android and iOS ensure that employees have access on the road. Users can access their files even if they are using a friend’s phone or public computer.

Being able to access files from anywhere is of no use if Google’s data center is down. It is why Google offers an SLA that guarantees 99.99% availability with no scheduled downtime. Your employees may take time off occasionally but Drive will always be available for your business.

Security and Backup – Google Drive for Work offers exceptional enterprise-grade security and data controls for work files. It ensures that documents are not mistakenly emailed to the wrong people and that employees cannot access sensitive documents without appropriate permissions. Another advantage of Drive is that it removes the need to save documents. All files are saved to the cloud automatically and in real-time. Any user working on a file can rest assured that it is the latest version.

In short, Google Drive brings the benefits of cloud computing to the mundane task of file storage and makes it easier for employees to work more productively.