Oracle EBS Migration to the Cloud – How it Works

Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) is one of the most popular enterprise platforms out there, and comes loaded with a range of applications for every business need. Traditionally, these are purely on-system applications to be used only by connecting to a common network connection. But with the rise of cloud-based technologies, Oracle has adapted to the changing environment and enabled the migration of its EBS applications to the cloud.

Oracle on-premise to cloud migration

Oracle calls this the “EBS lift and shift”, allowing companies to use an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to completely migrate on-premise applications and data to the cloud. This facilitation has effectively allowed companies to scale their operations and work remotely.

Cloud migration service providers use an iPaaS to give you the software infrastructure required to integrate data in your network. It captures data in all its different format across all the nodes and data points of your network and perfectly syncs it with your cloud applications.

If you use any or all applications from Oracle’s E-Business Suite, an iPaaS would allow for the seamless exchange of data between the application, your employees and your customers.

The first step is to format the data into JSON and map and route the migration of data from the on-premise system to the cloud. Special adapters need to be designed to communicate with the server database in the language it understands.

In case of customized configurations which cannot use readymade templates for data migration, service providers have to code one from scratch. The integration platform can generally also power ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) for data science and analytics requirements.

Cloud Migration Services – Data Prime

Data Prime from CloudNow Technologies is a comprehensive iPaaS solution which helps with the migration of ERP, CRM and other business critical applications to the cloud, allowing you to scale your operations with ease. It is a highly flexible solution built with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is highly customizable to ensure that all your data points are covered across all your applications. Data Prime even supports a hybrid environment, where the EBS application in your on-premise systems are in perfect synchronization with its cloud counterpart.