Passion and Hardwork are at the core of hiring at CloudNow

When it comes to education, India has always been a country that’s loved its certificates and degrees. A good job in India is often more about titles and designations than about excelling at what one does, or about fulfilling one’s passion. After all, surviving among a billion people isn’t that easy! It was, and largely still is, all about a “job” – and the monetary security it provides.

We at CloudNow are wired differently. We are the ‘Brass Tacks’ guys – we mean business. Sure, qualifications are important, but there’s so much more to the story. Each of us out there seeking a job has a qualification on paper, but can you deliver the goods, is what we want to know. Do you have the skill and the capability to take on a task and accomplish it competently? You might be qualified in literature, but if you believe that you have the talent and aptitude to make software as well as anyone else around, then this is the place for you. Come along, let’s meet!

At CloudNow, it is not about filling a position or finding someone to just execute a task. It is about finding individuals who have the passion and the zeal to take on a challenge and the drive to see it through to perfection. We are eager to see people who are excited about their role, and who are energized by a challenge that’s thrown at them. We work because that’s what we love to do, and that’s the kind of people who would fit right into our team.

We at CloudNow believe in trying to excel in everything we do – from building world-beating software solutions to serving up some of the best coffee around. We do what we do, to the best possible extent because we love doing what we do every minute. Results, success, failure, awards, certifications – etc, these are things that follow us as a consequence of our efforts.

At CloudNow, our selection process goes beyond paperwork and the rigmaroles of assessments. It’s about finding talent, where the main ingredients are passion and hard work.

Come and join us at CloudNow Technologies and we will show you how to live and work with pride and dignity, and enjoy every moment of it.

Author: Yudhvir CV

Hi, my name is Yudhvir. I've been lucky to have lived an interesting life with many interesting experiences. I have an army background to boast of and grew up across several places in India. My corporate life started with ONGC and from there on it's been a journey of 19 years in the corporate business arena. I have worked across functions, including administration, sales, marketing, branding and PR (I've tried my hand at running a business too) before finally moving into HR. Today I work with the Krissco group of companies as the Director - HR. I hold the title of EVP - HR with CloudNow Technologies. Outside of work, I was a professional cricketer when I was younger and later took to golf. I have played golf at a national level as an amateur, and later as a professional as well, all the while teaching golf to the who's who of south India - experiences that I truly cherish!