Why Chilling With Hangouts Is Cooler Than Skype

The Cloud Advantage

Skype revolutionized the way we communicate; by giving people at opposite ends of the world the opportunity to video chat. So much so, that it has become a verb of its own – ‘Can we Skype later in the evening?’ However, this doesn’t mean that Skype is best option these days. Those organizations that have switched to G Suite, will know that Hangouts offers a smoother experience and many more options when compared to Skype. Some of the unique features that you can utilize in Hangouts are:

Easy Setup – All you need for Hangouts is a browser, an add-on that installs automatically and a Google account (that you can use for a lot more than just Hangouts). With Skype, you are required to install a separate application which needs frequent updates and can be used for nothing else. Say, for instance, you are using a friend’s system for an emergency and Skype hasn’t been installed on their system, you cannot Skype. With Google Hangouts, you can chat or video call with anybody just by opening your browser and logging into your Google account. Simple and uncomplicated.

User ID – You have to compulsorily create a Skype ID and share it with the person you want to connect with. Whereas, with Hangouts, it automatically keeps track of who you email and your Gmail id serves as your Hangouts ID. So much easier and efficient.

Video Call Participants –  You can video chat with up to 25 people on Hangouts for free, whereas with Skype the previous one to one chat has moved up to 10 people in an effort to keep up with Hangouts.

Integration – This means bringing everything together in one place and that’s exactly what you can do with Hangouts. Google has an edge over Skype with respect to integration. Users can perform a host of activities while using Hangouts – share and edit a document, discuss a presentation, broadcast or record webinars and watch a YouTube video with someone; all during a video call. All the applications in G Suite which include Google Docs, Slides, Calendar, Presentations can be used in Hangouts. The same cannot be said of Skype. It doesn’t work with Microsoft; the way Hangouts works with G Suite.

Screen Sharing – This is an option available in both Hangouts and Skype. In Skype, you have to be in a video call to be able to share your screen, whereas, with Hangouts you have the option to prepare and test your screen before anybody joins you. This makes all the difference when you want to create a good impression.

Archived chat history – Frequently employees need to refer to something that was said in a chat conversation a few weeks or months before. Since Hangouts archives all chats within Gmail’s interface, employees can find what they need by searching within chat messages just like they do with regular email. Skype doesn’t offer the same easy way to retrieve old messages.

Control who can join calls – Google offers unprecedented level of control over who can join Hangouts calls within the organization. The administrator can disable Hangouts for everyone or allow anyone to make a call within the company domain. External parties can also be invited to a group call by invitation which means that suppliers, partners or clients don’t have to be left out.

In case you still aren’t convinced that Hangouts is so much better than Skype, it is best that you try it out for yourself and compare the differences first-hand. I guarantee, you’ll agree that chilling with Hangouts is so much cooler and fun.