Why Choose Google Mail over Outlook

Advantages & Features

Outlook has been used for the bigger part of a decade. It has its advantages and the way I see it – It’s main advantage is the fact that you can view your emails even when you don’t have access to Internet. But therein also lies its biggest drawback – storage.

Storage – With Outlook and other mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, every time you access your email, it in turn reaches out to the respective server and installs it on your hard disk. This takes up space, and the need to clean out your physical hard drive will come up frequently, owing to the increased number of emails that we receive.

With Google Mail, storage is never a problem because it is a cloud based application with remote servers. It doesn’t take up any space on your hard disk. Have you ever received a notification from Gmail saying you are running out of storage? No.

Missing out on G Suite – You lose out on the awesome features of applications in G Suite like Docs, Hangouts, Drive when you opt to use your Google mail with Outlook as these features work only within the browser environment. All the benefits of the cloud and a web-based email solution are eliminated when you view your Google mail account through Outlook.

Security Issues – Since, your emails are downloaded when you have access to Internet, it lies on your system and anybody that has access to your system, has access to your emails. Whereas, for Google Mail you will need to sign into your account every time, go through a two-step authentication process and unless you share your password with someone, your emails are protected.

Search Options – In Outlook, the search function lets you search within your email and your attachments. It is also, now powered by Windows Desktop Search and does bring back results faster directly from your desktop, but it is unmatched to the speed and accuracy of Gmail’s search. You can search for any email sent at any point by entering anything you remember about it and Google Mail is bound to locate it for you. The same cannot be said of Outlook.

Attachments – Today, we receive large attachments for business communication. Be it PowerPoint files, Spreadsheets, or PDF files, the average size of an attachment has gone up multifold over the last few years. With Outlook, each attachment is downloaded to your physical storage in your laptop or computer and takes up valuable space. Also, some organizations limit the size of attachments to limit the internet bandwidth usage which won’t allow you to download or view large attachments in emails. You don’t face any of these issues with Google mail as it allows attachments of even up to 50mb. Also, none of the attachments are downloaded unless you need to view them, hence, saving space on your machine and ensuring you have access to these files over Google Drive on your mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

In the era of multiple devices where people carry multiple phones, an iPad and a laptop, it makes sense to remain connected with your work and personal email over the cloud ensuring you have access to all your data regardless of which device you have with you. The Google Suite allows you to even share your documents with others in your team and collaboratively work on these documents with your team while you are on the move.

Move over to Google Mail, if you haven’t already!