Why Discounted Prices Equal Discounted Services?

Price is Not Everything in Choosing a Product

Aggressive product marketing is a common trait among brands. Getting their products or services to their customers matter the most and as a result compromises become inevitable. When a buyer prefers cost over quality, most sellers fall into the trap of offering unjustifiably low pricing. Why unjustifiably? Because low prices cannot sustain a decent quality standard. Discounts may attract more sales but more times than not, causes compromises in quality.

Discounting a product’s price is a marketing strategy more common in the retail industry rather than in the technology industry. The term ‘you get what you pay for’ is more apt for software products and services.

Knowing why and how a service provider is willing to readily discount a service is essential. Perhaps, the service was never worth the price quoted in the first place? However, if a certain level of quality is guaranteed then the service provider may not readily give a discount. Which raises the question, can one discount a service without compromising quality standards? The answer most times than not is, you cannot!

Top Brands Don’t Discount

Innovation doesn’t happen by accident and top brands are constantly trying to innovate and introduce new and more efficient technology. This comes at a cost, discounts may compromise the ability of a brand or company to innovate. Similarly, the quality of a product is assured only with an investment in the process and development of the product. Constantly discounting the price of a product often leads to not only sacrificing quality but also reducing the value proposition of the product. Lastly top brands don’t discount as they have invested significantly on training and on support and reliability of a product.

Value for Money

People are always trying to get the maximum value for the money that is get more ‘bang for a buck!’. This may be a prudent maxim in business, but let us not ignore the value of something before asking for a discount just out of habit!

A buyer who is guided less by expensive price tags and is more concerned with solving his problems will automatically get more ‘value for money’. To add to this, a brand which provides solutions more times than not, is always on the lookout, to provide more value-added services in order to win customers and retain them.

Technology services ≠ Brick and mortar

With the evolution of online retailing, discount sales have become the norm, unlike the sales in their brick and mortar counterparts. Though seasonal and holiday discounts are normal in retail, this is not something that can be expected in technology service providers. When is the last time you heard of Infosys having a ‘Christmas sale!’?

Yes, prices vary, but what we need to understand is, why? No one wants to pay more than they are supposed to. That is why a customer must push for transparency, ask for service level agreements, periodic performance and progress reviews with management instead of just pushing for a discount. End of the day, paying for the value of good quality and good service outweighs a discounted product.