Why Should Companies ‘Go Google!’?

The Cloud Advantage

Once a company has decided to opt for cloud technology, they are faced with the decision of which vendor to choose from in particular. There is no dearth of competition in the field – from startups to multinational corporations and in this rather crowded landscape, Google stands out as the best option for a number of reasons. Here’s why;

Using Google’s Own Infrastructure – One of the biggest advantages of going Google is that your business gets to use the exact same infrastructure that powers Gmail, YouTube and other Google services. Millions of users access these services every day – proof that their cloud infrastructure actually works. Unlike some other companies, Google does not use a separate solution for its own needs while selling a completely different product to its clients. Your organization gets the benefits of the Google cloud that is being used by Google itself and has been used to scale sites from a handful to millions of users.

Cloud First, Cloud Only – Companies like Microsoft and others have delayed incorporating cloud technology into their products since they didn’t want to cannibalize sales of their native applications. Even when they did switch to the cloud, their expertise and experience is primarily not in this field. Google on the other hand, is a company that put the cloud first, always. The vast majority of its products and services do not require any installed applications at all.

Unlike the competition, Google is a native cloud organization, not a company that switched over when the cloud became popular. This means, your business gets the best of breed services from a company that has an amazing track record and extensive experience with cloud technology.

Performance – When you run major business processes in the cloud, latency, uptime and high performance are a priority to ensure your users don’t experience any slowdown in their services. Google has implemented the latest, cutting edge technology like edge-caching and software defined networking so that there is no delay for serving content. Built-in live migration means that servers have no scheduled downtime and are patched without any interruptions. All this performance is backed by their SLA which promises – and delivers – one of the highest levels of uptimes in the industry.

The best aspect about using Google is that the technology used can scale up quickly when your business grows, and scale down if you no longer need it. You pay only for what you use, and not a rupee more. Now, whatever the size of your organization, you can select Google cloud, knowing that it is the best in the industry.