Cloud Consulting Services

Have you addressed the need to SAVE time, resources, and costs spent on low-value operations?

Cloud Consulting Services

Are you in CONTROL of remote employee productivity, real-time status of activities, and data compiled through different teams?

Cloud Consulting Services

Are you equipped to CREATE value through prompt action to data-driven insights to improve operational efficiency?

Cloud Consulting Services

Can you effectively HANDLE COVID-19 infections among your employees or a related Government intervention?

The Akku BCOR Framework
from CloudNow can help


Save close to 50% of Ops staff time which can then be used more productively


Assign 20-30% less staff to operational tasks, freeing up the others for more value-based roles.


Recover as much as 80% of unproductive ops costs and re-distribute this to other areas of your business


Mitigate risks related to employee health and COVID-19 and remain 100% at all times

Here’s how it works

  • Access
  • Month 1

  • Month 2

  • Month 3

    Audit & Maintain

Analysis and assessment of multiple factors specific to your current operational strategies with focus on potential areas for improvement.

Definition and documentation of SOPs for an outcome-based model that will tie our fees to your business outcomes and metrics.

Gradual roll-out of a customized BCOR process using Akku, with the CloudNow team working closely with your Ops/HR teams to enhance business growth.

The complete, organization-wide roll-out of BCOR processes with personalized role- and activity-based dashboards for every employee.

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