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According to Gartner, by 2024,more than 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to cloud. Building a cloud-first strategy is now key to achieving a competitive advantage in the post-pandemic world.

But that’s easier said than done - many businesses fail to derive value from their digital transformation due to an inability to fully recognize the potential risks, and a lack of experienced in-house talent to guide the process. At CloudNow, our experienced cloud architects help you bridge both these gaps, and help you make the most of your cloud journey.

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Cloud-first Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Assessment of today’s status and where you aim to be with your cloud transformation, and preparing a blueprint to get you there

cloud infrastructure evaluation


Analysis of TCO based on existing and planned infrastructure, and evaluation of pros and cons of available cloud infrastructure options

Risk Assessment


Identification of, and mitigation planning for, likely challenges in cloud provisioning, migration, deployment, performance and security


Operational Audits

Regular review of the performance of your environment to identify what’s working, and which areas pose risks, or may be underperforming

Cloud Managed Services


End-to-end IT governance to help you tap the full potential of your cloud infrastructure operations without the operational hassles

The CloudNow Advantage

We develop cloud-first architecture for containerized, microservices-based applications that thrive on cloud-based IT environments. Our experienced cloud architects help ensure reliable, and future-ready migrations that get you to market faster, and help you stay ahead on the cloud.

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  • Strong track record of creating paperless digital transformations ensuring business continuity and operational resilience
  • Alignment of technology plans with your business processes to suit your specific needs based on our proven consulting and evaluation process
  • Technical and commercial guidance to choose the right cloud solutions, drawing on our expertise and partnerships with all major public clouds
  • Delivery of real-world solutions based on the planned strategy through our expertise in containerization, Kubernetes, serverless and other cloud-first technologies
  • Protected reputation and improved reliability through security and risk assessments specific to your business needs and goals

We partner with global cloud technology leaders