CloudNow’s journey with technology began in 2014 with the strong leadership and progressive vision of Madhav Sattanathan who has helmed an agile, flexible and industrious team that empowers your business with cutting edge technology solutions.


CloudNow offers cloud-based and other innovative technology strategies that help your business gain a competitive edge through outstanding customer experience, reduce costs, and increase productivity. We ensure high standards, solve problems, and help you achieve your business outcomes.


We believe in a process based approach to balance our technology prowess while we help businesses across diverse platforms and industries. With our wide range of engagement, execution and delivery models, we are able to customize solutions to help you solve your challenges and reach out for growth.



Madhav Sattanathan stepped into the technology realm at a very young age and, having nurtured this passion for technology consistently and persistently, has emerged as a technology leader equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide the right solutions for business growth.

A Finance degree at Purdue University and a wealth of experience across various industries have trained him to solve real world business problems with practised knowledge and intuitive vision. Madhav, with his penchant for innovation, resolved to combine his technology and business know-how to deliver high quality products and services at low costs. This led to the founding of CloudNow in India, which started out as a reseller of cloud solutions at a time when the cloud was just being acknowledged as a breakthrough technology.

Madhav's systematic and progressive outlook have steered CloudNow toward becoming a provider of proprietary cloud and technology solutions. An accomplished golf player, Madhav has also been able to direct the energy and strategy of this historical game toward crafting solutions for his clients that lead them to success.




Sonny Elhamahmy is an accomplished thought leader with an established track record of helping businesses mature into market leaders. He has successfully helped venture backed start-ups and leading enterprise IT organizations. Additionally, he excels in establishing high performance teams and fostering a strong organizational culture.

With an exceptional record in identifying and negotiating valuable strategic business partnerships, Sonny is well-recognized in the enterprise technology and cloud computing arena. His intuitive knowledge of the technology ecosystem and in-depth experience have helped build long standing relationships across a vast network of customers and industry leaders. He guides the CloudNow team to productively work with partners and clients, enabling us to establish enduring business relationships that are mutually constructive.





While there is a wide range of cloud-related solutions available in the market, CloudNow harnesses the cloud and other digital technologies to bring our clients specific benefits.

Our solutions, both for the finance industry and generic industries are customizable, low cost, and easily adaptable, making it easy for our clients to scale and deliver efficiently.

We offer the following customized solutions to address your business challenges and help you achieve your business objectives.

Technology that Transform

Solutions across Multiple Industries

  • Enabling businesses to leverage huge volumes of data to make the data valuable and meaningful to your business goals.
  • Leveraging highly resilient and error free technology solutions to help businesses scale and expand
  • Reducing time to market through API and microservices solutions to increase productivity through automation
Solutions across all verticals
  • CloudNow brings a host of services including cloud advisory, application development and support, DevOps, managed services, and data and analytics to help businesses achieve their goals using innovative, cost effective and agile technology.
  • We also assist in setting up an efficient and progressive API ecosystem that can accelerate efficiency and help businesses expand their network to new partners and customers.

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We partner with technology leaders around the world

Who we partner with

CloudNow helps you identify the right cloud partner for your technology stack, and develop custom solutions to suit your specific needs. We have considerable experience in partnering with Google Cloud, and our advanced cloud solutions along with our team of experts have assisted a large number of customers with cost savings while moving to the cloud, while ensuring that they gain a competitive advantage through the adoption of modern technology.

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