Businesses need to constantly adapt to changes in the market in their pursuit of improved customer experience, and to retain their competitive edge.

In order to meet business goals, many companies work with third parties and opt for flexible, scalable and cost-effective technology solutions that can enable improved performance.


Businesses also face increasing costs associated with deploying and upgrading legacy systems. These legacy systems often have outdated applications that cannot interact effectively with newer technology to enable new features and capabilities.

To address these issues, many digital businesses adopt cloud-based technology as it ensures enhanced performance and reduces costs.


Microservices architecture and API implementation are primary areas of focus in order to effectively achieve these objectives.

Microservices enable one large application to be broken down into a set of modular services that function independently, are scalable, and facilitate distinct customer-centric processes based on specific goals. APIs, when properly implemented, lead to greater flexibility and performance, enhancing the financial institution’s brand and efficiency.

Microservices coupled with APIs bring improved speed, security and reliability, and are fast becoming established as best practices for business success.


CloudNow offers solutions to resolve these challenges, and helps businesses optimize Microservices, APIs and cloud computing to improve productivity, save costs and meet customer expectations. We offer a host of leading-edge technology solutions that enhance customer experience and accelerate your business.

CloudNow’s technology brings an array of benefits for businesses in various industries.




  • A modern Learning Management System (LMS) lies at the core of an EdTech business's success. And given the pace of change in this fast-evolving industry, LMS platforms can become outdated in as little as 3 years. This means that both learners and administrators face a sub-par experience on the platform, directly translating to lost business opportunity.
  • As companies look to scale fast, it is vital for their LMS platforms to keep pace. This involves reimagining the application's architecture to harness modern technologies including the cloud, microservices, containerization, serverless, APIs, and more.
  • CloudNow's extensive experience working with EdTech, combined with our commitment to modern development standards and our robust Agile DevOps practice allow us to support your business and equip your LMS to serve your needs today and in the future.

Our LMS modernization solution for a leading US driver education provider helped deliver an intuitive user experience, dynamic scalability, and enhanced operational efficiency.




Onboarding for Banks

  • We offer an efficient onboarding solution, making the process prompt, simple and error-free. We work with you to build a secure, uninterrupted and automated process that is customer friendly.
  • We understand that onboarding involves complex processes like customer data verification (KYC), credit history and blacklist checks, transactions assessments, and finally, activation upon a thorough check of the uploaded data.
  • CloudNow’s solution enabled a leading global bank to reduce merchant onboarding time by 30% and to achieve 15% automation of processes. Deploying our automated solution along with payment integration helped them increase market share from 50% to 70% after a previous drop from 90%.
  • We can help make your onboarding faster and offer your own boarding platform tailored to your customer’s needs.

Our digital transformation solutions helped the global bank achieve better customer experience and increase revenue


Microservices and APIs for Banking

  • A number of banking processes are complex, making it difficult for banking firms to make changes to existing products and processes. Any changes could lead to a delay in releasing products or services to the market affecting business revenue. When businesses need to retain a legacy system and add features that customers need and demand, they seek digital technology solutions that can help them bridge the gap.
  • CloudNow deploys a combination of microservices, API and DevOps solutions in such cases, enabling the legacy system to interact with the new processes easily and seamlessly. Microservices and API architecture afford the flexibility to change components without having to go through complicated migrations. DevOps helps in simplifying the delivery of new functions and significantly decreases time to market.
Find out more about our winning API Strategy >

Identity and Access Management Tool for Insurance

  • Many insurance businesses face challenges with distributed applications, such as security, complexity of administration, increased costs, integration and so on. For companies in FSI looking for digital transformation to drive business innovation, adopting a lightweight business architecture is a key driver. A business architecture enables enterprises to align their business and IT goals and optimize scalability and flexibility. While this is the ideal case, some businesses also look to integrate their legacy applications with new tools and services to retain customer loyalty and trust.
  • CloudNow’s microservices architecture offers the benefits of improved productivity, easy integration with test systems, less complex governance, and standardization. We help implement a solution that is portable and flexible, and comes with less impact on development. CloudNow’s approach enables FSI organizations to offer a seamless and outstanding customer experience.

CloudNow came up with an optimal solution for a Singapore-based insurance brokerage company that was facing difficulties in complying with security and regulatory standards while integrating legacy applications. They were able to achieve 100% compliance upon deploying our solution.




Business Expansion

  • Global healthcare services are often faced with administering a growing database of patients, doctors, vendors and other related entities. This growing database is accessed by a large number of non-technical users including patients and prospective clients. For such healthcare organizations, scaling and a smooth user experience are highly significant for business growth and expansion. Adding new customers and functionalities is a huge challenge for companies that do not have the appropriate digital solution for their business.
  • CloudNow offers technology solutions that can help you scale vastly with thinner stacks, while also being failure resilient, highly controllable and offering flexibility and easy error handling. With these solutions, you can process large volumes of data and ensure quick response and agility for your clients, empowering you to increase business revenue. We also offer UI solutions that are contemporary in design and take your customers through a pleasant and engaging experience.

CloudNow helped a leading cardiology practice move to an efficient communication and patient management platform enabling them to scale easily and offer an easily navigable customer experience. Our solution improved patient experience for this business by 50%.




Data Processing Solutions for Retail

  • Businesses in the retail industry are looking to scale fast and use their data effectively to offer a delightful customer experience. Seamless engagement, agility and speed empower such businesses to compete effectively and ensure growth.
  • Large retail chains that offer services across the globe have accumulated a lot of data and are often unable to utilize the data to improve customer experience. Such data is highly valuable in key processes like payment, marketing strategy, and customer insights.
  • CloudNow understands that such vast data is stored in different formats across various databases over a long time and integrating all this data to make it meaningful for different key purposes is challenging. We help set up a cloud-based platform to manage all the disparate data and couple it with big data and data streaming solutions to make the data usable for analysis. We enable fast data processing based on a robust and distributed platform.

Our data processing solutions for a major luxury retail chain helped make a slow and tedious payment process faster and more agile. They were able to achieve a 42% improvement in productivity and a 30% reduction in processing time.


CloudNow Technology benefits

API-based approach with optimal integration capabilities
  • Individual microservices work seamlessly with any type of client application
  • Unique 12-factor app methodology ensures stable and scalable microservices
  • Integrated testing and feedback at various stages
Microservices architecture for facilitating upgrades and changes
  • Greater flexibility and seamless integration
  • Multiple technology and framework integration capabilities to eliminate vendor lock-in
  • Simplified scalability and code management
  • Container compatibility

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