Cloud Security, Cloud Efficiency

Identity and Access Control

Increased dependence on the cloud has dramatically improved business efficiency, but it has also brought with it a number of unique security and productivity challenges.

A Brave New Cloud

The reality of managing multiple cloud applications and large numbers of users means that the security of critical enterprise data directly depends on identity and access control.


Enterprise Cloud Security

Akku packs a versatile range of features to help you control your cloud.

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  • Identity Management/Single Sign-on (Cloud SSO)

    Provide one-click access and exercise one-point control

  • IP- and Device-based Restriction

    Permit access only from whitelisted IP addresses and approved devices

  • Personal Email Blocking

    Prevent access to personal mail at the workplace

  • YouTube Filtering

    Enable access only to relevant YouTube video content

  • Password Policy Enforcement

    Ensure stronger security and compliance to standards

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Boost your security with a second layer of authentication

  • Website Filtering

    Maintain DNS filtering rules even outside your firewall