Complex solutions to everyday problems

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Complex Solutions to Everyday Problems

Managing HR documentation and processes among your employees is a basic requirement for any company, and on the face of it, should be quite a simple task to handle.

It shouldn’t need your HR team to maintain a huge amount of paperwork, or waste time working with physical registers for attendance, leave or timesheets with manual entries and calculations.

Chutti Leave Management Systems

Simplify, simplify

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Chutti Simplifies Process

Chutti takes the hassle out of the process, and automates what would otherwise be an exhausting, and often inaccurate, manual exercise.

With intuitive features like email notifications, calendar integration and easy report generation, managing compliance with your organization’s HR policy has never been simpler.


robust leave management

Chutti includes a range of features for effective HR management.

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  1. Employee Documentation

    Maintain detailed records for every employee from offer letters till they are relieved from employment

  2. Attendance Management

    Monitor employee time-in and time-out, and integrate attendance data with timesheets

  3. Leave Management

    Set up leave policies, streamline leave approvals and automatically deduct leaves from available leave banks

  4. Timesheet Management

    Assign projects to employees, track time logged and automatically calculate cost per project

  5. Integration with multiple systems and APIs

    Easily integrate with most biometric devices, and also with mobile-based HRMS through APIs

  6. Calendar Integration and Email Alerts

    Provide visibility of leave requests and set up email notifications as reminders for relevant users

  7. Easy Report Generation

    Generate reports on attendance and leave data by employee, department or for the organization as a whole