Master Data Management Solution

Your enterprise’s data pipeline is a cache of actionable business intelligence just waiting to be tapped. But for most enterprises, all this data lies scattered in insulated silos - different applications, different touchpoints, different formats.

While it is possible to bring together this data from different sources and formats through manual processing by a data scientist, it is time consuming and expensive work. And it’s nearly impossible to manually integrate data at an enterprise scale on the fly.

Integration Platform as a Service

Data Prime iPaaS

Data Prime is a highly flexible Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution built with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to bring your applications, data and platform together into an integrated ecosystem, making sharing, development and delivery more efficient and user friendly.

Real Time Data Prime Framework

Exceptions to the data operators during the continuous integration process are flagged in real time - Data Prime’s framework handles the heavy lifting on the tech front, meaning that these exceptions can be handled by business analysts without needing to get data scientists involved.


Data Value

DataPrime brings you a powerful range of features for data integration.

  • Integration of diverse sources and formats

    Consolidate data from different collection points into a single unified format usable across the enterprise

  • Continuous data integration

    Tap data from your pipeline as it is collected, to empower your enterprise with real time insights

  • Economical data warehousing

    Access your data on the cloud from any of your applications as a powerful common asset

  • Integration with analytics and BI tools

    Easily integrate your comprehensive enterprise data set with most analytics and BI tools through APIs