Merchant Service Integration

Merchant Services Integration

Expertise built in to payments processing

  • Integrating payment processing and data security in your enterprise is complicated and time consuming. And the right payment workflow and platform could mean the difference between success and failure in e-commerce.
  • CloudNow cuts through the layers of complexity to deliver expert IT solutions for payments processing, allowing you to connect with your processor in as little as 4-6 weeks. And saving you time and cost through industry leading practices to manage critical payment integrations.
Our Gateway is your Gateway
Our gateway is your gateway
  • The importance of developing trust and recall for your online brand cannot be overstated. And an important part of that trust comes from the branding and reliability of your own payment processing system.
  • At CloudNow we recognize the importance of staying behind the scenes in the payment processing cycle. Powering your business with a world-beating white labeled payment gateway solution, while remaining invisible to your customers, so that it’s your brand that stays in the limelight.
Go to Market, Win the Marketplace
Go to market, win the marketplace
  • Most e-commerce merchants find that the cost of processing payments is a major factor that erodes their profitability.
  • CloudNow provides highly-rated merchant services and payment processing at low, transparent rates. Our experience with the constantly changing landscape of payment processing helps us keep our clients up to date with the latest technologies, protocols and standards, freeing you to run your business.
  • We can even help you select the right processor for your payments, based on the risk model, price model and settlement period options on offer.