Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services

The cloud is limitless

  • With unprecedented control over performance and scale, the benefits to business efficiency that the cloud can bring to an enterprise are limited only by the imagination.
  • While product based offerings in collaboration and communication are the most widely used cloud applications, customized solutions often play a greater role in harnessing the power of the cloud to solve specific real world problems.
  • With our cloud consulting services, CloudNow is at your side every step of the way - from prototyping to migration, from custom development to even choosing the right public cloud solution.

Cloud Advisory Services

  • A seemingly trivial point in an organization’s journey on to the cloud - but one which can have a major impact on cost and performance in the long term - is selecting the right public cloud solution.
  • The big three of the public cloud today are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, and each offers minor but significant differentiators in their services. CloudNow’s expertise in cloud advisory services can help you look past the clutter and identify the solution best suited to your specific business goals. You can then choose from our slew of cloud migration services to get started on your cloud journey. This includes:
    • Microsoft Azure database migration service
    • Google Cloud database migration service
    • AWS database migration service
Disruptive Change Minus the Disruption

Application Migration Services

  • Almost every enterprise has legacy production systems deployed locally, which could gain tremendously in their operational efficiency if they were cloud based instead.
  • CloudNow’s technical experts specialize in executing such application migrations to the cloud, ensuring the process causes no disruption to normal operations while enhancing performance, flexibility and efficiency.
OOPS … we did it again!

Modern Development Practices

  • Our years of expertise in object oriented programming concepts enable CloudNow to develop robust, efficient and maintenance-friendly applications on the cloud for your business.
  • And through the development of web services and APIs, these apps gain far greater flexibility and usability across your enterprise network.
Putting the Pro in Prototype

Expert Prototype Creation

  • When a proof of concept for a cloud technology solution is required, a localized LAMP server stack just doesn’t cut it. Scaling up to handle very large data sets or a distributed environment is simply not what traditional technologies are designed to run.
  • CloudNow’s experts in Hadoop, Blockchain and Redshift have all the skills needed to set up and run your prototypes, as well as to review and evaluate their real world performance. Paving the way for production and deployment - faster and more effectively.