Every CloudNow product is a solution to a specific need or problem faced by our customers. We are exceptional at identifying gaps and resolving them with our divergent thinking and unique solutions.

Chutti.Work( https://www.chutti.work/ )

Chutti.Work brings your leave management system into the Cloud. Being easy to use and cost- efficient makes it an ideal choice for a business of any size.

  • Leave Balance and Accumulation It has automated tracking of accumulated leaves. It allows employees to set up monthly/annual recurring leave schedules in line with the company’s leave policies, thereby avoiding confusions on available leave balance and redeeming accumulation.
  • Integration with Multiple Systems and APIs It has an easy integration with most biometric devices to automatically deduct from leave balances when employees are not present. It has open APIs to integrate with mobile-based HRMS and an enhanced platform with modules such as Payroll Management, Attendance Management and Performance Management.
  • Shift (Roster) ManagementCalculate the total manpower utilized by tracking your employees’ time for any internal/external project with Chutti’s Time Sheet Management.

    Chutti’s Shift (Roster) Management system allows dragging and dropping users to various shifts or creating simple rules to automate the process.
  • Biometric Device ManagementManage devices from multiple brands of devices and process data in a unified format, making it easy for the HR department to process Payroll.
  • Employee Tracking for Travel ReimbursementsIt not only tracks an employee based on his/her location but also processes this data to help HR/Payroll to determinate the total distance travelled and processes reimbursements accordingly.
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use UIIt has a simple, uncluttered dashboard that serves as the one-stop location for all employees to browse through the company's holiday list, their leaves and other pertinent information.
  • Additional Customization FeaturesCustomize the tool as per your business rules and policies. Set up different leave policies for different business units or departments within your organization, or set up two different Organizational Units for two different office locations and create different holiday calendars and different leave policies for the two branches. You can also create different rules for different functions like Sales and Finance.
  • Why we built Chutti.Work Chutti.Work was created to manage leave and drive efficiencies through a Cloud-based Leave Management System after we found that there was a definite need for a simple and easy Cloud-based tool to manage organizational leaves and also have the customization for tailoring it. Since CloudNow Technologies specializes in creating SaaS-based products, Chutti was designed to be an economical technology solution to a laborious manual task. The product is constantly being enhanced and improved on, keeping its application and ease-of-use always in mind when making changes.
  • For more information, register and try Chutti.Work for free.

Akku (https://www.akku.work/ )

Creating a streamlined, focused and secure environment in your office is easy with Akku. Akku is a network plug and play device that blocks gmail.com in your IP address. Built on custom software and hardware, it blocks consumer email, offering increased security for your confidential data.


  • Block Consumer Email Access Block consumer email access within your IP and allow access to approved company mailing solutions to ensure maximum security.
  • IP Restriction With predefined organizational IT policies, allow approved apps, block select services and customize the internet to suit the needs within your company.
  • Allow Access to Predefined Domains Restrict users to your official domain accounts and deny access to any other email addresses linked to a different domain.
  • Get Custom Login/Logout Pages Create custom login and logout page using your brand’s logo. Get custom email address (@companyname.com) to personalize your services.
  • User Management Get user-friendly management solutions to manage your employees, based on organizational and sub-organizational units. View records, personal profile and other essential information at a glance.
  • Active Directory Sync Sync huge databases of user profiles and contacts. Manage the data. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Data Monitor and Report Generation Readily monitor data and generate reports over the web. An easy-to- use UI design allows administrators to do tasks with maximum efficiency.
  • Price: For more information, contact us at sales@cloudnowtech.com