DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Services

A better way to build

  • Compartmentalization of development and operations functions in the traditional software development life-cycle tends to drive a wedge between teams that actually form two sides of the same coin. Working in silos results in ineffective coordination and communication, meaning that the product of the SDLC is sub-optimal.
  • At CloudNow, we’re big believers in bringing development and operations to the same table - our DevOps solutions go a long way in building software with synergy baked in right from the start.
Sprints Aren’t Just for Athletes
  • DevOps is a powerful extension to the agile method of software development - a process that places emphasis on the effectiveness of the entire SDLC rather than on just the software itself. This brings in a feedback-based, iterative approach where teams work together with alignment of purpose.
  • CloudNow specializes in the application of the scrums framework to maximize productivity from small, target oriented teams. With a clear focus on well-defined deliverables and timelines through sprints, we are well equipped to deliver DevOps consulting services that produce tangible, measurable results.
Platform Architecture Agnostic
  • At CloudNow, we realize that DevOps service has come to mean different things to different people - some may lean towards the development side in their definition while others may tilt to operations.
  • With experience at both ends of the spectrum and everything in between, CloudNow’s DevOps teams also understand the importance of open communication to help you foster a culture of engagement.
  • So whether your organization operates on AWS, Azure or GCP, our technical experts have the expertise to provide your enterprise with a powerful DevOps resource base.