A step-by-step guide to choosing the right software testing company

Selecting the right software testing firm can be a daunting task considering that the quality of the software you deliver depends solely on how the testing process fares. However, collaborating with the right testing partner can yield many benefits including finding defects before customers do, which could translate into boosting your reputation and, therefore, generate more revenue. 

Testing typically comes in two forms – Automated and Manual. By choosing either or a combination of the two, a company can work towards removing bugs, checking for issues pertaining to important functionalities, and generally looking into the overall efficiency of the product. It should be noted that you and the software testing company you collaborate with should be in tune on all fronts so that the latter can work as an extension of your own company.

Let’s take a look at some of the crucial points that require proper consideration before you choose the right software testing company.

Step 1: Create a checklist of what you’re looking for

While it sounds fairly rudimentary, it is important to get down to brass tacks in terms of what you are expecting from a software testing company. Are you on the lookout for a full team or just a few testers, developers, white hat hackers or analysts? Assess the need of the hour for your company, talk to all the employees about what’s lacking in their team or what kind of help they are hoping for, and draft out a list accordingly. The process becomes easier when you know exactly what you are looking for, how they fit into your time, and what services you would like to make use of. Once armed with this information, you can begin the search for the right software testing company that’s in sync with your requirements.

Step 2: Shortlist potential companies before reaching out to them

Once you’ve identified your requirements, focus on doing some research before shortlisting companies. Research in terms of size, location, time zone difference (if any), cost, experience in the field, communication level, availability, level of assistance, and methodology. Based on these factors, try to narrow down 5-10 companies that fit your needs. A little research goes a long way here.

Step 3: Assess company reviews

Client reviews are sacrosanct to most companies. As part of your research, once you’ve shortlisted the companies, speak to their clientele or somebody who has worked with them in the past. Chances are that you can trust a company that has multiple customers willing to vouch for the quality of its testing services.

Step 4: Do a trial run before partnering up

With a lot of investment and efforts at stake, it’s important to make it clear about the length of your partnership with the software testing company right from the start. A long-term relationship would need more time to get to know each other, including the testing company’s technical acumen, their work ethics and analyzing the economy and stability of the country the software testing company hails from. It generally makes sense to start small with a small team working together for a few months before venturing into a long partnership.   

Step 5: Work out the challenges before closing the deal

Despite zeroing on the perfect software testing company, there could be some challenges identified in terms of communication, time differences, work styles, and so on. Interview team members, give them a few tests and see if, in spite of these challenges, they are all able to deliver quality work that suits your needs. If you have chosen a company based in a different country, look into their political situation and culture – two factors that could hinder work from time to time. It makes sense to work towards a system where none of those factors affect your company. The idea is to choose the right software testing company that is proactive enough to support your cause with their inputs instead of just doing as told, thereby mechanizing the whole partnership. 

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