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Discover better Value. Faster.

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    Strategize and make the right choices on your cloud journey

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    Migrate your tech stack, data, and applications to the cloud

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    Build efficiently and stay future-ready with our agile devops practices and expertise with modern development tools

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    Secure your environment with zero-compromise identity and access management

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Unlock Potential. Faster.

Real-time data integration for accelerated time to value.

Proprietary iPaaS Solutions:

  • Improve BI Performance + efficiency
  • Facilitate automated continuous data transformation and integration
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Case Study

See how we enabled easy management of ETL exceptions by business analysts across 500 locations for a leading multi-national retailer.

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Secure your Cloud Environment. Today.

Enterprise identity and access management to protect your environment.

Simplify IAM with Akku

  • Customized IAM Solutions to secure your environment
  • Meet ISO, GDPR and other statutory and standard security needs with just one product integration
  • Provision & de-provision your users in a secure environment
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Case Study

Learn how we delivered far improved security and statutory compliances with no downtime to an insurance brokerage firm.

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Deliver Customer Delight. Faster.

Custom application development to solve your specific challenges.

Giving MVP a new meaning

  • Priority on delivering a Minimum Viable Product within 4-6 weeks
  • Full-Stack capabilities along with a strong DevOps philosophy using the appropriate framework like Agile, Kanban, Lean Methodologies
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Case Study

Here’s how we saved time taken for manual processes and improved the overall patient experience for a leading cardiology practice through a custom patient management application.

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