Our Story


CloudNow’s journey with technology began in 2014 with the strong leadership and progressive vision of Madhav Sattanathan who has helmed an agile, flexible and industrious team that empowers your business with cutting edge technology solutions.

CloudNow offers cloud-based and other innovative technology strategies that help your business gain a competitive edge through outstanding customer experience, reduce costs, and increase productivity. We ensure high standards, solve problems, and help you achieve your business outcomes.

We believe in a process based approach to balance our technology prowess while we help businesses across diverse platforms and industries. With our wide range of engagement, execution and delivery models, we are able to customize solutions to help you solve your challenges and reach out for growth.

Our Leadership


Madhav Sattanathan stepped into the technology realm at a very young age and, having nurtured this passion for technology consistently and persistently, has emerged as a technology leader equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide the right solutions for business growth.

A Finance degree from Purdue University and a wealth of experience across various industries have trained him to solve real-world business problems with practiced knowledge and intuitive vision. Madhav, with his penchant for innovation, resolved to combine his technology and business know-how to deliver high-quality products and services at low costs. This led to the founding of CloudNow in India, which started as a reseller of cloud solutions at a time when the cloud was just being acknowledged as a breakthrough technology.

Madhav's systematic and progressive outlook has steered CloudNow toward becoming a provider of proprietary cloud and technology solutions. An accomplished golf player, Madhav has also been able to direct the energy and strategy of this historical game toward crafting solutions for his clients that lead them to success.


Satyadev Addepally’s work in the technology domain includes over 22 years of global experience in heading Business Transformation, Client Engagement, and Enterprise Managed Services projects. His work spans ERP, BFSI, Hospitality, Services, and Healthcare domains, to name a few.

Satya began his career with FCS Software Solutions as a Software Developer, and milestones on his journey included long stints in Raqmiyat Technology as a Product Manager, and Nihilent Technologies as a Senior Technical Manager, before joining the CloudNow team in 2017.

Through his time with CloudNow, Satya has led several initiatives, including leading and establishing CloudNow’s DevOps practice. Applying his in-depth expertise across multiple tech stacks and frameworks, he has been able to take CloudNow from being just another software company to a stand-out performer across various projects. His hands-on knowledge of modern application architecture, and his certified expertise with Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS, have helped him build CloudNow into a formidable cloud development company.

Satya’s hands-on approach and constant thirst for knowledge provide inspiration to his team to always aim higher and go beyond the ordinary. His infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to quality are the reasons he plays a pivotal role at CloudNow.


Sridhar Tummalacharla’s extensive experience in various aspects of programming, analysis, and development spans over 18 years. Through this period he has led the development of custom applications for companies in the BFSI, Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, and Oil & Gas domains, among others.

Beginning his career in 2003 as a Software Engineer at iGATE, Sridhar’s journey also took him to India Comnet International and D&B TransUnion, before a longer stint as a Project Lead at Raqmiyat Information Technology for over 8 years.

Sridhar joined the CloudNow team in 2018 as a Project Manager, and over the course of his development into a Principal Architect, he has steered multiple teams of various sizes on various projects. He has developed solutions in the areas of learning management systems, business continuity, ERP, digital payments, and more. With extensive expertise in multiple programming languages, platforms, and tools, Sridhar has played a key role in building the team at CloudNow and grooming the talented young team of developers under him.

As a manager, Sridhar leads from the front, constantly setting a high bar for his team, while also equipping them with the tools to overachieve. His passion for technology coupled with his sustained enthusiasm to stay at the cutting edge of this fast-changing industry make Sridhar a key player in the CloudNow team.


Dinesh Harikrishnan has over 7 years of extensive experience in Software Development, paired with in-depth exposure to customer-facing roles in Support, Technical Consultancy, Business Analysis, and Pre-Sales.

Dinesh joined the CloudNow team in 2014, and through his time with us, he has risen rapidly through excelling at a wide range of functions. He has engaged with long-term clients across domains and built lasting business relationships through his involvement - right from their initial enquiry, through consulting and solutioning, to development and delivery. This end-to-end approach has served clients spanning diverse industries such as garment manufacturing, automobiles, edtech, and more. His wide-ranging expertise helps Dinesh identify and deliver appropriate and cost effective solutions for clients with a “go-to-cloud” vision.

Today, as Solution Architect, Dinesh plays the role of Product Owner for a couple of in-house products at CloudNow, including Akku, our flagship Identity and Access Management solution. He has been associated with Akku right from the ideation stage, through product development, to release and implementation.

With his friendly, customer-centric approach, a passion for problem solving, and in-depth technical knowledge, Dinesh is an indispensable asset to any team he is a part of. And with his constant desire to add new skills to his portfolio, it’s easy to see why Dinesh is a vital member of the CloudNow team.

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CloudNow helps you identify the right cloud partner for your technology stack, and develop custom solutions to suit your specific needs. We have considerable experience in partnering with Google Cloud, and our advanced cloud solutions along with our team of experts have assisted a large number of customers with cost savings while moving to the cloud, while ensuring that they gain a competitive advantage through the adoption of modern technology.

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