Easier app scalability,
maintenance, upgrades, and more

When you are bringing legacy applications forward into the world of modern cloud technology, they need to be made
capable of handling your future needs in a cost-effective manner to deliver tangible business benefits.

We refactor and re-architect legacy applications from monolithic to microservices based architecture, enabling them
to run seamlessly as a component of a modern IT ecosystem. Whether the requirement is for a lift-and-shift from on-
prem to the cloud, a rip-and-replace when your legacy apps have reached their end of life, or exposing and extending
functionality using APIs, our services help to mitigate technology obsolescence risks, and improve usability, security,
and maintainability.

Transformation Plan

Our process is begins with a high level view of
the existing system and its shortcomings to arrive
at an overview of the planned solution. This also
includes documentation of the activities and
stages involved in the development process
along with time and cost estimations.

In-depth Review of
Source System

CloudNow’s experts deep-dive into your existing
application, including analysis of the current
platform type, its technology, functionalities, and
the pain points that exist with the system. The
output of this activity is a Source System
Architecture and Functionality document.

Design Document

CloudNow’s team clearly defines and documents
the desired end point of the entire project, and we
achieve this through a Rearchitecture Technical
Design Document (TDD), which captures the
system architecture, all required components, the
data migration process, and so on.


Our development team takes up the development
of the target system architecture and functionality
as per the specifications in the TDD. We zero in on
the technology and development practices to be
followed based on consultations with your team,
and the specific demands of the project.


CloudNow’s testing team performs a rigorous
Quality Assurance (QA) process to ensure that the
final product is of high quality, which is followed by
a collaborative and thorough User Acceptance
Testing (UAT) phase to validate every aspect of
the modernized application.

Data Migration

Data migration is a critical process to prepare
the modernized application to go live on its new
production environment. CloudNow’s team
seamlessly manages the migration of data from the
source system to the modernized one with
streamlined data integration and an error-free

Support &

We remain by your side even after your app is up
and running, with periodic checks to ensure smooth
operations, and regular updates and upgrades to
ensure your applications and services are always
available and running optimally at all times.

The CloudNow Advantage in
Application Modernization Services

Our experience helps us devise the right strategies to maximize value through the digital assets we build for you. Our
expertise focuses on Automation First, Continuous Everything, an Outcome-based Approach, Global Nearshore,
Large-scale Methodology, and Industry-tailored modernization.


Future-proof technology delivered through a strong focus on
OOPS and SOA to build flexible, scalable application architecture


Accelerated time to market with apps built on an MVP (Minimum
Viable Product) model always keeping in mind the business needs and strategies of the client


Flexible delivery model to deliver decoupled microservices
architecture giving clients the flexibility to integrate best-in-class
third-party tools and applications to enhance existing functionality


A one-stop solution to support you through every step of the SDLC
with our full stack capabilities across technologies and platforms.


Dedicated centers of excellence in testing and UX design to
consistently deliver ‘stand-out’ products


Experience in delivering cloud solutions, ensuring that we address
security questions at a code, delivery and deployment level