Forge a Resilient
and Agile Enterprise
with DevSecOps

DevSecOps is a concept whose time has come, at a time when both
security and speed are of paramount importance. Bringing about a
synergy of development, security, and operations that accelerates
delivery while mitigating risks, organizations can innovate rapidly while
ensuring that security is a continuous focus, not a final step.

CloudNow blends innovative solutions, industry best practices, and
extensive expertise to embed security into every phase of your
development lifecycle. Our approach to DevSecOps fosters a culture
of collaboration and shared responsibility, enabling enhanced security
awareness and resilience across your organization.

Secure Coding
and Development

We ensure that security is an integral
part of the coding process from the
beginning, allowing us to identify and
address vulnerabilities at the earliest
stages of development. Our approach
focuses on proactive security
measures, enabling the development
of robust and secure applications

Security Testing

Our service includes ongoing security
testing throughout the development
lifecycle, integrating security at every
level of application development. This
approach ensures that each stage of
development maintains a high level of
security integrity, reducing risks and
improving overall application resilience.

Security in CI/CD

We enhance the Continuous
Integration/Continuous Deployment
pipeline with automated security
measures. This service promotes
the early detection and swift resolution
of security issues, ensuring smooth
and secure deployment processes.

as Code (IaC)

Our expertise allows for the integration
of security within the infrastructure coding
process, establishing a secure and robust
foundation for your applications. This
proactive security measure solidifies the
application’s resilience against potential

Real-time Threat

We offer real-time monitoring and
analysis of security threats, enabling
swift detection and response to any
security incidents. This service ensures
continuous protection against emerging
threats, safeguarding your application
environment efficiently.

Compliance as

We incorporate compliance checks
directly into the codebase, ensuring that
your applications are continuously
compliant with security policies and
standards. This service ensures that your
applications adhere to the relevant legal
and regulatory requirements, mitigating
compliance risks effectively

The CloudNow Advantage
in DevSecOps Services

CloudNow’s DevSecOps services facilitate a harmonious blend of security and agility, ensuring your applications are
robust, secure, and quickly delivered. Our specialized approach is designed to equip your teams with the skills and
tools needed to cultivate a security-centric development culture, making security an integral part of your
development process and not just an add-on.


A distinguished provider of DevSecOps solutions,
elevating security practices and enabling
organizations to deliver secure and reliable
applications rapidly


Committed to fostering a security-conscious development
environment, integrating security seamlessly into the
development lifecycle to combat evolving threats


Expertise in leveraging advanced tools and methodologies
to create a collaborative and responsive security culture,
reinforcing resilience and trust in your digital solutions