Support your growth
with the confidence
of security

Navigating the vast and intricate landscape of cloud security can be daunting.
However, a strategic and proactive approach is essential for businesses to thrive
and innovate without the looming threat of security breaches. With CloudNow,
you're not only securing your infrastructure but also fortifying trust among stakeholders.

Embrace a holistic cloud security approach with us, ensuring that every layer, from
infrastructure to applications, is shielded from potential threats. By integrating
state-of-the-art security measures with your cloud operations, we guarantee robust
defense mechanisms, ensuring business continuity and preserving the integrity of
your data and applications.


Benefit from advanced cloud hardening techniques and enterprise-grade security practices that provide a formidable line of defense, ensuring your cloud infrastructure remains resilient against threats.


With meticulously crafted security policies and protocols, we establish a secure communication framework, ensuring safe and seamless network operations across your cloud environment.


Harness our established
DevSecOps practices to secure
and modernize your workloads,
ensuring applications remain
shielded from vulnerabilities while
retaining high performance
and functionality.

Trust Security
on the Cloud

Implement a stringent IAM-based automated authorization process with our Zero Trust approach, ensuring only authenticated and authorized entities gain access, thereby enhancing overall cloud security.

Data Security

Protect your valuable data with optimized database strategies and secure IAM policies, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and availability at all times.

One click Access. One Point Control.
Powerful IAM, your admin and users will love

Cloud Security has always been a major area of focus at CloudNow, and this has translated into the development of our proprietary Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution, Akku.

Akku combines robust, flexible identity and access management (IAM) with powerful security and analytics.

What this means for your business is secure and seamless management of every stage of the user lifecycle, even while improving data security, standards compliance, efficiency, and productivity.


Higher Education

ITes & BPO

Public Sector


Financial Services




The CloudNow
Advantage in Cloud Security

CloudNow's commitment to cloud security is unwavering. Our expert solutions, backed by extensive research and
experience, ensure that your business remains protected and compliant in an ever-evolving threat landscape. With us,
build a secure, resilient, and trusted cloud ecosystem.


Focus on harnessing the latest advancements in cloud
security technology to ensure you are always one step ahead
of potential threats


Experience across all major cloud platforms to offer specialized
security strategies tailored to each environment, ensuring
consistent and comprehensive protection


Continuous research into emerging threats combined with
real-time monitoring to anticipate vulnerabilities before they
become business risks


Customized security services to align with your specific
objectives, ensuring not just protection, but also optimized
cloud performance and efficiency