CloudNow’s Digital Transformation Services help you achieve business growth and deliver delightful customer experiences through innovative technology, future-ready expertise, flexible and scalable models, and a cost-effective approach.


With the onset of 'digital' in every aspect of the modern business,
enhancing speed, driving innovation, managing costs and securing assets
now form the core of technology solutions that drive business results for
enterprises. It has become imperative for companies to seek solutions that
enable them to compete in markets which are racing towards newer digital
business models.

CloudNow is the ideal partner to help you overcome the challenges of
digitizing your processes. Whether it’s developing a custom-built
application for a unique requirement, modernizing your existing apps to
serve you well into the future, or even recommending quality off-the-shelf
technology solutions that may meet your needs - you can count on us to
deliver measurable outcomes for your business.


Prioritize the processes in your business that stand
to benefit the most from a digital transformation,
assess the likely extent of improvement in efficiency,
and draw up a plan of action. Ensure the process
runs to budget, and actively develop an
organization-wide culture that is open and willing to
embrace change.

Custom Application


Identify processes that are unique to your organization, where maximum gains in efficiency can be made through digitization, and where tech solutions do not already exist. This is where the development of custom applications makes a compelling business case, and CloudNow’s team of experts is at your side to architect, develop and deploy future-proof solutions.



Zero in on your existing applications that incorporate
the business logic you need, but have become
technologically outdated in terms of scalability,
maintenance, upgrades, integrations, and more.
Modernizing such applications can give them a new
lease of life, and this is a process in which we have
considerable expertise at CloudNow.

The CloudNow Advantage

in Digital Transformation


CloudNow’s holistic, outcome-focused approach to digital transformation helps us ensure your digital transformation employs the right technology tools to drive real improvements in process efficiency.

  • A strategic approach to digital transformation to create differentiation and a competitive edge for your business
  • An undiluted focus on efficiency in cost, time and resources to maximize accrued business value
  • Expertise in delivering highly optimized application development services, including the use of advanced technologies such as AI/ML, big data analytics, cloud, and more