Improve productivity,
quality, and customer

When you are developing custom-made software to address
specific business needs, it is important that your application is
built to effectively manage your business processes today,
while also being scalable and cost-effective to deliver tangible
business benefits for the long term.

A well strategized and executed modern application delivers
ease of maintenance and upgrades, scalability without loss of
performance, cross platform compatibility, and above all,
a compelling solution to a felt need, elevated by a great user
experience. This is what we aim to achieve every single time.


CloudNow’s experts can help you undertake an assessment of how your existing or new application fits into your business plans, while also ensuring effective management of time constraints and mitigation of risk. We help you develop a comprehensive strategy including deciding on whether to modernize or build afresh, choosing the appropriate architecture and tech stack, selecting the right migration or development tools, planning steps to improve UX, and ensuring compliance requirements are met.

Design Document

Clear definition and documentation of the desired project outcome in a Technical Design Document (TDD), which captures the system architecture, all required components, the data migration process, and so on.


Our highly experienced designers provide a seamless user experience and intuitive interface design with consistency across platforms. We ensure that all our designs are visually stunning while also ensuring that every design decision is cognizant of the users’ needs.

Support &

We remain by your side even after your app is up and running, with periodic checks to ensure smooth operations, and regular updates and upgrades to ensure your applications and services are always available and running optimally at all times.


Our Cloud Architects ensure highly optimized design and architecture for your application, using a cloud-native microservices containerization approach with Docker and Kubernetes, or serverless architecture depending on the requirement. We also develop and manage APIs through their lifecycle to extend functionality and integrations.


CloudNow’s engineers make use of proprietary frameworks, complemented by process-oriented development and delivery to increase efficiency and minimize time to market. We put our strong capabilities in containerization and Kubernetes to build microservices-based applications that deliver performance and maintainability. Our Agile DevOps practice and strength in orchestration and automation ensures fast and consistently high quality releases in line with TDD specifications.

Software Testing

Our testing services, provided through On-site, Off-shore or Hybrid engagement models, cover in-depth testing of functionality, security, integration, compatibility, performance, data migration and UI/UX, followed by user acceptance testing.

The CloudNow Advantage in
Custom Application Development Services

Our experience helps us devise the right strategies to maximize value through the digital assets we build for you. Our
expertise focuses on Automation First, Continuous Everything, an Outcome-based Approach, Global Nearshore,
Large-scale Methodology, and Industry-tailored modernization.


Future-proof technology delivered through a strong focus on
OOPS and SOA to build flexible, scalable application


Accelerated time to market with apps built on an MVP
(Minimum Viable Product) model always keeping in mind the
business needs and strategies of the client


Flexible delivery model to deliver decoupled microservices
architecture giving clients the flexibility to integrate best-in-class
third-party tools and applications to enhance existing


A one-stop solution to support you through every step of the
SDLC with our full stack capabilities across technologies and


Dedicated centers of excellence in testing and UX design to
consistently deliver ‘stand-out’ products


Experience in delivering cloud solutions, ensuring that we address
security questions at a code, delivery and deployment