IAM++: Tech answers to smoother employee on-boarding during work-from-home

The new normal has thrown up significant challenges to onboarding new employees amid the pandemic and work-from-home ops. 

Here are four key areas where onboarding during remote operations is extra challenging and how IAM and related technologies can offer a solution.

1. Induction and Introduction

Week 1 plays a critical role in determining whether a new employee feels comfortable and welcome, directly impacting retention and longevity. It’s therefore essential to double down on communication during remote operations. 

Communication and collaboration tools play an important role in this process – for instance,  organization-wide video conversations to build familiarity and greater comfort levels for the team’s new member.

An onboarding system with an integrated LMS to ensure dissemination and consumption of introductory content can also play an important role in giving new employees confidence in the organization they have just joined.

2. Attendance & Leave Management

Bringing a new inductee “into the system” on an attendance and leave management platform is typically the first step of the new employee’s journey within the company. 

Providing the employee with a single, organization-wide account at this stage for their entire time with the company will save a great deal of time and effort down the road. 

This makes integrating the company’s attendance management system with its Identity and Access Management (IAM) system vital.

3. Access Control

Equipping a new employee with access to relevant data and the organisation’s applications to become productive quickly is easier said than done if the company operates multiple applications with them unified on a single platform.

This is why an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution forms the backbone of an organization’s entire employee lifecycle management process. With an effective IAM solution, the organization’s administrators can exercise control over employee accounts from a single dashboard. Likewise, employees can access all of their apps and data from a single place.

4. Involvement of multiple roles

The induction of a new employee involves three roles at a minimum – the company’s or team’s Management, the HR team, and the IT team. Each of these functions has a different part to play.

Coordination between these multiple stakeholders can be cumbersome – especially while working remotely. Bringing them all onto a common platform can play a significant role in streamlining these processes.

At CloudNow, we understand the importance of managing a smooth employee journey from start to finish and its impact on productivity, security, and the business as a whole. That’s why we’ve built Akku – an enterprise Identity and Access Management solution that streamlines the entire corporate user lifecycle. Speak to us today for more information.