5 key benefits of Anthos that your IT environment can’t afford to miss out on

Modern enterprises today often operate complex IT environments, spanning different cloud platforms as well as on-prem data centers. Managing deployment, operation and security of applications in this type of environment can become very complicated very quickly. Anthos is an enterprise hybrid and multi cloud platform from Google that helps to address these challenges.

Here’s a look at 5 of the key benefits that Anthos delivers.

1. Single point of management

Anthos acts as the single point of control for Infrastructure Management, Container Management, Service Management, and Policy Enforcement across your entire IT environment. By doing so, it helps organizations to save enormously on hours put in by IT teams into the management of numerous disparate platforms.

2. Comprehensive visibility

With its structured view of the organization’s entire environment, Anthos offers complete observability across platforms. With visibility into platforms, services, clusters and policies, Anthos enables your IT team to utilize resources more efficiently, enhance security, and provide visualizations of performance.

3. Insightful decision making

With comprehensive logging of business and operational information and alerts from all platforms in your environment, you have all the information you need to make decisions on optimization, automation, and policies. Additionally, Anthos also provides recommendations based on its ML engine to help your decision making.

4. Granular policies & permissions

Since different components of your environment may require different policies and permissions, Anthos offers “environs”. What this means is that you can group your sets of clusters logically into environs, and manage them more effectively by applying specific policies. This in turn enables accessing clusters at the right level of detail.

5. Modernized application development

Anthos can help your organization to modernize its application development process. This is enabled by applying policies and processes through environs, and by abstracting away the management of infrastructure – in the form of container and cluster management – from application development teams. This gives your application teams the level of access that they require, without the clutter of managing infra and policies.

As one of the first multi-cloud platforms from a major cloud player, Anthos is a major development. It builds on Google’s clear vision that containerization and Kubernetes will play a key role in the future of application development.

At CloudNow, we have extensive experience with developing container based applications and working with Kubernetes. We’ve also got in on the ground floor when it comes to Anthos, and have built up considerable expertise working with this revolutionary year-old platform. Talk to us today about streamlining the management of your complex hybrid and multi-cloud environment.