5 ways that container tech can benefit your business

Containerization of applications plays a major role in how modern, cloud-based applications are built. Market research firm, 451 Research, projects a 40% CAGR in the application container segment.

Containers offer a logical packaging mechanism in which applications can be abstracted from the environment in which they run, thereby allowing them to be deployed more easily, consistently and cost-effectively.

Here are five ways that containerization of your applications can help your business.

1. Containers offer consistency

Containers allow developers to create consistent environments and define the infrastructure that applications run on. And since containerization effectively allows what runs on a developer’s machine to also run on a variety of production environments, and on any host operating system, less time is spent on debugging and fixing individual infrastructure issues.

The bottomline is that applications in containers will run the same irrespective of where they are deployed and this allows for accelerated development and production cycles.

2. Containers can work in isolation

Containerization provides developers with a “sandboxed” view of the operating system, logically isolated from other applications. It gives developers the ability to create predictable and recreatable environments that are isolated from other applications.

Containers also make development and deployment of applications easier. For instance, applications running in containers can be deployed easily to different hardware platforms.

3. Containers offer security

Containerization promises improved security by isolating applications from each other and from the host system. As they isolate critical resources such as the container’s access to the underlying CPU and storage, it reduces the chances of individual containers consuming too many resources, as well as compromising security. They effectively secure the container pipeline, application, deployment environments and infrastructure as well as integrate with enterprise security tools.

4. Containers offer scalability

In simple terms, containers are the building-blocks that enable a scalable environment. Container technology offers higher application scalability, which means the ability to handle increased workloads. Containerization does this by reconfiguring the architecture of a single machine to increase resources. It can also be done through additional containers within a cluster.

5. Containers are cost-effective

Containerization allows developers to add new functions and features instantly without affecting the original application. Being easier to scale and update, container based apps can save money on maintenance and upgrades.

Containers are popular because they do not depend on the environment. Because containers are portable across environments, they allow you the flexibility to choose the most cost effective infrastructure.

Containers can speed up the application configuration and deployment processes. This ensures higher flexibility, enhanced productivity, operation continuity and overall cost-savings. As containers are portable across environments, they allow you the flexibility to choose the most cost effective infrastructure.

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