The importance of a DevOps approach to Application Modernization

Application modernization is about enabling businesses to operate in new ways with automated processes. It is an integral part of fueling digital transformation and ensures continuity and stability in the IT world.

As cloud strategies develop, modernization has become a priority for many businesses seeking innovative solutions.

In an Insight Survey, it was found that:

  • Only a quarter of companies have met their IT modernization goals
  • Two out three said IT modernization is essential to business transformation
  • 41% of organizations abandoned or delayed modernization initiatives in 2019

DevOps can be considered the first step in initializing and implementing the modernization process.

DevOps and Application Modernization are symbiotic.

The amalgamation of development (Dev) and operations (Ops), DevOps enables faster development and deployments of applications. Think of it as a continuous cycle of improvements bridging the gap between Dev and Ops teams.

Modernization of systems requires moving from traditional and manual processes to more intelligent and automated ones. And DevOps, a combination of people, processes, and practices, assists businesses in overcoming modern challenges more efficiently. 

The centralized nature of the cloud serves to enhance DevOps automation, which is the key to application modernization. In fact, investing in the right DevOps, Cloud, and Microservices will help businesses gain a competitive edge.

How does DevOps help with Application Modernization?

  • DevOps involves conversion of monolithic services into independently-deployable microservices by implementing automation practices like continuous integration and testing. This means that developers can work in small, independent, easily-deployable units rather than working on a system as a whole.

  • DevOps makes use of concepts like container orchestration to automate deployment and scaling. Automated technology is seamless and reduces time and costs, while achieving higher efficiency and better performance.

  • DevOps enables faster response time resulting in improved customer experiences. DevOps ensures that software development architecture can face up to any challenge whether it is a high load of concurrent users or changes in the system. With DevOps, organizations can optimize resources and skills to develop high-quality software faster.

At CloudNow, everything we do is geared towards harnessing the power of the cloud to deliver business value to our customers – and our DevOps practice lies at the core of this. Talk to us today to see how we can help you find a cohesive solution to re-engineer and rebuild your business to operate with automated and intelligent processes.