6 Reasons Why Enterprises Love DevOps

High customer expectations and competition are driving companies from around the world to innovate, experiment, and deliver faster – it is no longer survival of the fittest but the survival of the fastest. In order to become an organization that is flexible enough to accommodate requirements and deliver fast, adopting a DevOps culture has become crucial. 

With DevOps, all the teams involved in the software development gain visibility and insights into an application’s performance. The importance is given to cross-collaboration instead of simply creating code and passing it on for testing and then support, making DevOps a preferred methodology for most companies to incorporate into their SDLC. 

Here are 6 compelling reasons why you should adopt DevOps.

 1. Accelerate Development

By creating an overlap between the operations and development teams, you can ensure faster deployment. With DevOps, changesets tend to be smaller and hence, less complex. Also, since developers can use real-time data to understand the complexity of a change, it becomes easier to prioritize and fix an issue.

2. Improve Collaboration

With DevOps, the development and operations teams work collectively and progressively towards a shared goal. This ensures that their differences are not ignored but are brought together to achieve combined goals rather than individual ones. This way, they are encouraged to research, innovate and experiment together seamlessly.

3. Increase Efficiency

With DevOps, your organization can aim to free your resources from repetitive tasks – automated tools form a key part of DevOps best practices. Since most integration processes can be eliminated, it can significantly free-up the load on your developers. In addition to automation tools, development and compilation tools are dedicatedly designed to shorten development cycles and product delivery time.

4. Reduce Failures

In order to reduce delivery time, the entire software is made up of a combination of modular entities that are easier to integrate. The modularity allows for easy addressing of specific problems in configuration, code, and infrastructure. Hence, DevOps can easily and efficiently eliminate possible errors in the initial stages of SDLC.

5. Improve Recovery Time

Since DevOps enables a more targeted deployment, it makes the identification of bugs faster and implementing the fixes easier. Instead of delving deep into the history of a module, your developers need only to look at the most recent codes to fix an issue. This makes the resolution time inherently faster.

6. Enhance Job Satisfaction

When it comes to delivery, DevOps shifts the focus from a rule-based or power-based culture to a performance-based culture. This frees a project of bureaucratic obstacles and promotes a sense of unity between teams. The result of following DevOps diligently will be a more result-oriented workforce that does not restrict themselves to defined roles. 

At CloudNow Technologies, we have fostered an environment that constantly promotes and rewards teamwork that contributes effectively to your requirements. We have adopted DevOps as a culture to ensure faster and hassle-free deliveries for our clients. To know more, get in touch with us now.