Why an effective safety compliance tool is critical for manufacturing companies during COVID-19

Much has changed over the last few months as the pandemic continues to affect not just homes and families, but businesses and markets, forcing enterprises to rethink their strategies and re-prioritise their planning. Following prescribed safety guidelines and taking precautionary measures is just one step in the right direction, albeit an important one; but how does an enterprise ensure that there is a structured approach in place to monitor the health of all of its employees? In other words, has the need for a central structure on info relating to employees’ health manifested in the form of a comprehensive repository? 

Manufacturing companies, in particular, require a strong system of audit wherein you can record and implement the employee safety compliance process. There is a critical need to track your employees during working hours and ensure that there is complete visibility into the status of their health. Here are some important issues that your operational risk management system should address:

  • Do you have a single and unified platform where information relating to employees’ health is recorded?

It is imperative to have a comprehensive record of information relating to your employees’ health. Given that this is a dynamic process and that new information may come in on a regular basis, the tool employed to record this information should be flexible, easy-to-use, and capable of handling the large volumes of data. 

  • Do you have real-time access to COVID-19-related compliance data?

Operational risk management is a dynamic, fast-changing process in the manufacturing industry. What may look like definitive data in a given moment is subject to change, largely dependent on the status of the employees’ tasks. You require a system wherein you can access this crucial data continually, having a regular overview of all updates.

  • Is the data collection process integrated and automated for effective management?

Recording this process manually, whether on an Excel sheet or some other recording tool, is a cumbersome task, not to mention prone to errors; it is likely to be ineffective. You need a dynamic platform that integrates and automates this process for your convenience, allowing no room for errors or inefficiency.

  • Are you recording and efficiently managing data regarding sanitization and cleanliness?

With your employees handling tools and coming into contact with machinery and equipment, it is absolutely crucial that data relating to sanitization and cleanliness is effectively recorded and managed. Critical measures should be taken to ensure that the prescribed procedure has been followed, and if not, corrective action is to be taken. This cannot be done efficiently without the help of a strong platform that streamlines the process of recording and managing this data.

In these difficult times, we require effective tools to help us navigate through the unique challenges we face. CloudNow has spent considerable time and effort in analyzing and understanding critical needs of businesses in the manufacturing sector. With this in mind, we have designed a tool that addresses the issue of preventing outbreaks within an organization, supported by measures for quick intervention. 

The Akku Business Continuity and Operational Resilience Management (BCORM) solution by CloudNow Technologies is a comprehensive workflow management platform that helps you to approach the process of operational risk management in a structured, dynamic, and streamlined manner. With several flexible and vital features at your disposal, you are empowered to manage data relating to the health of your employees with ease and efficiency. To understand more about this transformative platform, get in touch with us right away!