Why Your Business Needs Cloud Computing

Still not using cloud computing for your business? Here are 8 reasons why you should get started immediately!

Cloud for Scalability
As your business grows with time, cloud technology helps you easily scale up your computing solutions. If you opt for the cloud, you no longer have to forecast your growth and purchase servers. You can simply alter your plan with your cloud service provider and get your additional space allocated for your use.

Want to scale down? Even that happens in a matter of a few clicks without needing to worry about unused physical server space.

Cloud for Convenience
Cloud computing makes your workspace a flexible one for your employees. Now, they can work from anywhere across the globe and from home. What’s more, employees can also use their own smart devices for work while commuting, while out of town, or from anywhere else with an internet connection.

What’s more, the cloud enables you to better manage your resources and effectively assign roles and permissions to your users. Through automatic configurations, software updates, or server upgrades, your IT efficiency will also be improved in a hassle-free manner.

Cloud for Cost Reduction
With the cloud facilitating remote working and working from any device, your business can run even without an office. Cut down on infrastructure costs usually incurred for owning/renting and maintaining an office space, use of desks, chairs, computers and so on. If the thought of a totally virtual workspace scares you, you could still opt for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy or let some of your employees work remotely.

With cloud computing, you also cut down on costs needed to purchase expensive systems and equipment for your business and the maintenance of physical servers. A lot of cloud solutions are offered at pay-as-you-go plans and will charge you only for how much you use or specifically what services you avail during a certain period of time. The concept of capital expenditure (CapEx) is now replaced by operational expenditure (OpEx), thanks to the cloud!

Cloud for Secure Storage
You need a place to backup your data and store it safely and the cloud offers you precisely that. And because cloud service providers take care of most security aspects, by simply opting for a reliable IAM solution, you can be assured of a higher level of security for your data without the worry of continuous updations which would be required on local servers.

To know more, you can read our blogs on cloud security threats and cloud security myths.

Cloud for Collaborative Working
There are numerous cloud-based tools that make collaborative working practical and possible across locations. From email, instant messaging, and voice communication, to information sharing and development, event scheduling, and conferencing — cloud computing is making it all possible.

Additionally, a cloud-based workplace will well suited to today’s younger, more tech-savvy generation of the workforce, and is easy for them to integrate into with maximum efficiency.

Cloud for Customer Support
The cloud is not just good for your business and good for your employees, it is good for your customers – and that’s good for
your business!

Make customer-friendly applications, improve your customer support systems, and offer them quality content without burning holes in your pocket.

Cloud for Continuity Beyond Disasters
In the event of a natural calamity or a disaster caused by a fire accident or flooding, businesses that are dependent on on-premise data and servers suffer major losses. Recovering and duplicating these systems is not only expensive and time-consuming, sometimes they may not be possible at all.

On the other hand, cloud service providers are better equipped to offer effective duplication systems and recovery mechanisms. Moreover, as cloud servers are often scattered across different parts of the world and in environmentally “safe” locations, the likelihood of losing some (or all) of your data is extremely low.

Cloud for Big Data Analytics
Cloud computing does much more than save costs, improve convenience and promote a more productive workspace. If leveraged correctly, the cloud can help you make million-dollar decisions that can change the face of your business. Cloud computing can provide you with solid statistics from masses of data at amazing speed and with great accuracy. In other words, the cloud makes it easier to track and analyze insights, and act on them to produce impactful results.

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